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Our 53rd Year


  • Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #78

    May 13, 2021 - Category: Rethinking Cancer Newsletters

    Mother Nature is darn smart. If only humans would work more with her to solve pressing problems. Take, for example, global warming and whales: The carbon capture potential of whales is truly astounding. Each one of these mammals, the largest living beings on earth, can accumulate some 33 tons of CO2 during an average 60 years…Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #78

  • Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #77

    February 5, 2021 - Category: News, Rethinking Cancer Newsletters

    For months “experts” have told us that the best things we can do to counter Covid-19 are wear a mask, social distance, wash hands. Not once have we heard a public health official emphasize, much less mention, the prime importance of a good diet along with exercise, sleep and other lifestyle factors. So it was…Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #77

  • Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #76

    February 5, 2021 - Category: News, Rethinking Cancer Newsletters

    We sincerely hope that all of you have been taking good care of yourselves and each other during these extraordinary, challenging times in the U.S. and around the world. As we have so often emphasized, we trust that your focus is always on supporting and strengthening your innate healing capability (with a nutrient-rich diet as…Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #76

  • Pumpkin

    October 26, 2020 - Category: Foods of the Week

    The pumpkin, along with other squashes, is native to the Americas. The stem, seeds, and parts of the fruit of the pumpkin have been found in the ruins of the ancient cliff dwellings in the southwestern part of the United States. Other discoveries in these ruins indicate that the pumpkin may even have been grown…Pumpkin

  • Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #75

    September 20, 2020 - Category: Rethinking Cancer Newsletters

    All our F.A.C.T. Annual Cancer/Nutrition Conventions — over 4 decades — have had the same theme: “Enhancing Host Resistance.” That phrase will never go out of style. We can never know exactly what life will throw our way, but one of the best, time-tested means to prepare is a strong defense, i,e., all systems operating…Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #75

  • The Origins of the Carrot

    April 6, 2020 - Category: Foods of the Week

    The carrot has been native to Europe since ancient times, and was introduced to the United States during the period of early colonization. Carrots soon became a staple garden crop. Today, they are one of the major truck and garden vegetables. Depending on the variety, carrots grow to maturity and are ready for market within…The Origins of the Carrot

  • The origins of Asparagus

    March 30, 2020 - Category: Foods of the Week

    The ancient Phoenicians brought asparagus to the Greeks and Romans. It was described in the sixteenth century by the English writer Evelyn as “sperage,” and he said that it was "delicious eaten raw with oil and vinegar". When selecting asparagus, choose spears that are fresh, firm, and tender (not woody or pithy), with tips that…The origins of Asparagus

  • The origins of the Artichoke

    March 16, 2020 - Category: Foods of the Week

    The artichoke is believed to be native to the area around the western and central Mediterranean. The Romans were growing artichokes over 2000 years ago, and used it as a green and a salad plant. Artichokes were brought to England in 1548, and French settlers planted them in Louisiana in the mid-nineteenth century. California is…The origins of the Artichoke

  • Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #74

    March 3, 2020 - Category: Rethinking Cancer Newsletters

    “Our country faces a national nutrition crisis. Our food system is a major cause of poor health, ever-rising healthcare costs, strangled government budgets, diminished economic competitiveness of American business, reduced military readiness, and hunger and disparities. Americans of all backgrounds see these problems, and are hungry for and value leadership to create lasting solutions.” So…Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #74

  • Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #73

    March 3, 2020 - Category: Rethinking Cancer Newsletters

    Most women dread mammograms, as well they should. Not only is the experience uncomfortable, time-consuming and anxiety-inducing, the diagnostic is increasingly acknowledged to be inaccurate, ineffective and, in many cases, harmful. So here’s a hot new idea: mammogram boutiques! Many medical clinics across the country are creating spa-like spaces designed to entice reluctant women to…Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #73