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Non-Toxic Biological Approaches to the Theories,
Treatments and Prevention of Cancer

Our 53rd Year

Alternative Cancer Therapy Practitioner Directory

For those seeking guidance in the concepts and approaches presented in the film Rethinking Cancer and on this website, FACT is gradually building a directory of alternative cancer therapy practitioners around the country and selected clinics around the world who have relevant experience in this area. Be sure to check back from time to time to look for additions.


Please note that the Alternative Cancer Therapy Practitioner Directory is not in any way a substitute for an individual’s careful investigation of any chosen medical professional.  FACT assumes no responsibility for results.

We only provide the Alternative Cancer Therapy Directory as a public service — a starting point for patients and family members to find care that they’re comfortable with.

Every doctor has developed his own unique methodology and interpretation of biological concepts. An inquiry might include questions about the professional degree, clinical experience or special training, scope and nature of the practice, participation (if any) in insurance reimbursement, and so forth.

It is very important to note that practitioners who employ bio-repair concepts do not treat cancer per se. They treat the whole body, the whole patient — nutritionally, etc.,  though they do have experience working with cancer patients in this regard.

When you call a practitioner, tell them that you are seeking dietary and lifestyle support to aid your cancer treatment or prevention. However, if you ask directly if they treat cancer, they will answer in the negative because a positive response would be inaccurate and put their license in jeopardy.

At the present time, the only legal protocols for treating cancer are determined by government agencies and include, but are not limited to, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

I have read and understood this disclaimer, and I accept its conditions. I do not and will not hold FACT responsible in any way for the background, education, licensure, scope of practice, or clinical expertise of any practitioner I may contact as a result of using this database. In the event I experience an unsatisfactory outcome of care with any practitioner in this database, I will not hold FACT responsible for that outcome.

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