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Our 53rd Year

The Bio-Repair Patients

Bio-Repair Patients Featured In the New Documentary Film Rethinking Cancer.

Rita Znamirowsky – Renal Cell Carcinoma

Rita Znamirowsky

Like many who have come to benefit from FACT’;s knowledge and grassroots network, this Holocaust survivor was faced with a “death sentence” when her cancer was detected in November 1993. Her New York doctor refused to operate to remove her kidney, saying she was “Stage Four” and should simply go home and die, an event he estimated would transpire within 2 months.

At the advice of her husband’;s cousin, a kidney specialist in Florida, she flew south intending to immediately have the surgery. When the operation was postponed due to her life-long anemia, Rita reluctantly took the advice of a friend’;s son, Daniel Friedkin, who had overcome prostate cancer with help from FACT, and began a diet of vegetable juices, whole fresh foods and periodic detoxification. Within two weeks, blood tests showed that Rita was no longer anemic, a condition which she had suffered with her entire life. Importantly, she also had enough blood to donate for her surgery.

After the surgery, Rita still had cancer, but continued the dietary prescriptions provided by Friedkin, in lieu of a proposed course of Immunotherapy, with the approval of her forward-thinking physician. Over the course of the year and one half she followed the plan set forth by Friedkin, the number of cancerous nodes gradually decreased in size and number, then disappeared altogether.

This Monsey, New York resident has continued to follow the FACT plan of nutrition and detoxification and has been cancer-free for over 15 years.

Lou Dina – Bone and Lymph Cancer

Lou Dina

In the early 1970s, mechanical engineer and classical guitarist Lou Dina was diagnosed with bone cancer in his wrist which had also spread to his lymphatic system. Following conventional doctor’;s orders, Dina received traditional radiation and one treatment of chemo before his “methodical engineer’;s mind” led him to seek out possible alternatives. His detailed search eventually led him to a FACT convention, where he was more impressed by the stories of recovered patients than the opinions put forth by his doctor. The convention led him to the nutrition, body cleansing and pancreatic enzyme supplement plan created by Dr. William Kelley, a dentist who had cured himself of pancreatic cancer. When Dina brought up the possibility of following this protocol to his oncologist, they entered into an hours’; long debate about the merits and minuses, ending with the doctor’;s confession that he had lost his mother and sister to the disease. With FACT founder Ruth Sackman’;s personal guidance, Dina chose to follow the Kelley program. Within a couple of months, he took tests which showed a decrease in cancer activity. With time, Dina’;s wrist recovered and he began to again play classical guitar and be a strong patient advocate, by appearing at FACT conventions and authoring a book on his own healing experience.

Now living in Birmingham, Alabama, Dina has been cancer-free for over 30 years.

Michal G. – Breast Cancer

Michal G.

Israel-born Michal received her diagnosis in December 1982, during a period when she was seeing doctors often while undergoing fertility treatments. At the urging of her doctor, Michal underwent a mastectomy which was to be followed by radiation and chemotherapy. When Michal baulked at the prospect, her Sloan-Kettering oncologist said she would have a less than 15% chance of recovery without treatment. Not wanting to have a poor quality of life from the side effects of treatment, if this was indeed to be the end of her life, Michal opted at a survivor friend’;s suggestion to contact Ruth Sackman and FACT Already regretting the mastectomy and dreading the prospect of the side effects of radiation and chemo, Michal decided to take control of her treatment and follow the bio-repair plan. As with many patients who benefited from FACT’s counsel, Michal was impressed by the “deep sense” of the approach, “that the body has the wisdom to heal itself and all I need to do is help it.” Less than six months after she began the bio-repair program, Michal became pregnant and gave birth to the first of her two daughters on the one year anniversary of her diagnosis.

Now a practicing psychotherapist residing in Riverdale, NY, this mother of two has been cancer-free for over 25 years.

David Walant – Lyme Disease

David Walant

The experience of Ridgefield, CT resident Walant demonstrates how bio-repair is a system applicable, essentially, to any kind of chronic disease. When Walant was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 1989, a time when the disease wasn’;t widely known, he followed the recommendation of his family physician by taking a course of standard antibiotics. After finishing the course, Walant’;s symptoms returned, which led his family doctor to send him to a specialist at Yale Medical Center. The specialist put him on a powerful new antibiotic called Rosefin, which he assured him “would completely kill off the disease.” Once again, after the treatment was concluded, the symptoms returned. The specialist’;s new recommendation? To double the dose. By this time, Walant had been alerted to FACT by a friend in New York and decided to give Ruth Sackman a call. Although he wasn’;t a cancer patient, Sackman listened to and advised Walant of a potential system to follow, including detoxification, diet and selected herbal supplements. Sackman also patiently talked Wallant through his “healing crisis,” symptoms of fever, sweating and skin flushing that occurred as his body worked to rid itself of toxins. “As I got to the second day, 80% of my symptoms had totally left… I learned over time, if your body is given the right material, and the right material in the right food, the right mindset, it actually heals itself.”

Walant has been free of Lyme Disease for 20 years.

Doris Sokosh – Breast Cancer

Doris Sokosh

New Canaan, CT resident Doris Sokosh is one of the oldest FACT success stories. First diagnosed with cancer in 1971, she underwent radical surgery to remove her breast and uterus. When her weight dropped to under 90 lbs, her doctor told her husband she was terminal, there was nothing more that could be done and effectively sent her home to die. Her husband then found out about the just-formed FACT and began a last chance hope to nourish his wife, who at this point could barely move or speak, with apple, carrot and celery juice and even a rectal implant of yogurt, along with detoxification. Over the course of weeks, Sokosh began to show signs of recovery; with eyes so clear a friend commented “they are white like a baby’;s.” When she regained her strength, Sokosh began to create her own food recipes based on the FACT program which are contained in a self-published tome which is swiftly making its way around the bio-repair grapevine, Triumph Over Cancer Cookbook.

Today, still vital in her late 70s, Sokosh has been cancer-free for 37 years.