Rethinking Cancer DVD



Rethinking Cancer is an educational documentary film that provides a rare look into the psychological and therapeutic journeys of five men and women who used biological therapies to overcome serious illness. Their stories represent successes that mainstream medicine and the public ought to know about.

Four of the featured subjects had been diagnosed with cancer; two of these patients were considered terminal cases. The fifth patient had a severe case of Lyme disease. All five have outlived their diseases, between 15 and nearly 40 years, thus far.

These patients are representative of a large pool of well-documented, long-term survivors who sought guidance from the Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy (F.A.C.T.) and then president, Ruth Sackman.

In addition to their stories, this High Definition, 56-minute long film includes excerpts from an interview with Ms. Sackman, as well as a thoughtful discussion of the cases by two physicians, Philip Incao, M.D. a practitioner of Anthroposophical Medicine, and Sheryl Leventhal, M.D. a former oncologist presently practicing Functional Medicine.

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