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About Biorepair

Basic Facts about the Non-Toxic, Biorepair Approach

The therapies advocated by the Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy (FACT) are an aggregate of many biologically sound metabolic and adjunctive advances made over the past 100 years by clinicians around the world. Included are practices put forth in The Gerson Therapy, The Kelley Metabolic Program, The Waerland System, The Wigmore Program, the groundbreaking dietary regime of Dr. Norman Walker, considered the “Dean of America’s Natural Health Movement” and others.

Additional supplementary procedures that can boost the body’s healing capabilities advanced by FACT include Immunotherapy, Whole-Body Hyperthermia, Cellular and Stem Cell Therapy and botanicals, such as Hoxsey Herbal Therapy.

It is important to note that every treatment program needs to be customized and entered into with on-going supervision by a competent medical advisor. The advisor needs to be a continuing part of the process to supervise matters such as baseline and subsequent blood tests and to see a patient through the inevitable “healing crisis,” which occurs when the re-nourished body works to eliminate stored toxins.

Following are facts about the principles of biorepair culled from Ruth Sackman’s book, Rethinking Cancer: Non-Traditional Approaches to the Theories, Treatments and Prevention of Cancer (Square One Publishers).

A Different Approach to Cancer

Conventional medicine holds that the tumor itself is, in effect, the disease and that cancer can be efficiently controlled by directing the therapy towards destroying the malignancy. The major focus of the traditional approach is tumor destruction, accomplished by a combination of treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, which kill cancer cells but can harm healthy cells as well. FACT, on the other hand, sees cancer as a systematic malfunction, a result of a breakdown in the balance of body chemistry which can only be corrected and controlled with whole body focused biological repair. Given the proper support and a better lifestyle, the body’s own ability to repair itself could prevent cancer in the vast majority of cases.

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A Biologically-Sound Nutritional Regime

A comprehensive biorepair program begins with the proper supply of nutrients, primarily from the food supply. The rebuilding blocks begin with raw, (preferably) organic vegetables and fruits, which are taken in forms such as carrot, beet and celery juices as well as vegetable soups and salads. High quality proteins are the body’s major cell-building materials and should be uncontaminated by chemical additives, hormones or antibiotics. The diet includes vegetable proteins available from nuts, sprouts, legumes and avocados and animal proteins from minimally processed, organic meats, fish, poached or soft-boiled eggs, fermented foods like whole yogurt and raw cheese, homemade nut cheese and sauerkraut. Grains are also a rich source of vital, nutrients and are consumed in whole, unprocessed, uncooked forms of rye, brown rice, barley, millet and more. An excellent method of preparing these pioneered by the Waerland Clinic and advocated by FACT is the “thermos cooking process.” Spouts such as alfalfa and radish are one of the finest sources of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, as is glucose, in forms such as unprocessed raw honey and maple syrup. Select vitamin supplements can also play a role in the rebuilding process.

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All of us, without exception, are exposed to toxins from the day we are born, in food additives, drugs, household chemicals, cosmetics, x-ray exposure and a host of environmental pollutants. The World Health Organization estimates that more than 85% of cancers are environmentally produced, the product of such exposure. To utilize biological therapies to reverse illness, it is imperative to assist the body in the removal of toxins to restore the immune system, which is known to play an active role in preventing and fighting cancer. The FACT advocated protocol works to restore and strengthen function of the colon, kidney and liver, the prime organs of toxic elimination via the use of colonics, roughage and other detoxification procedures. The largest and most overlooked organ of elimination, the skin, is also cared for with body brushing and warm baths in Epsom salts. Also included are techniques to optimize function of the lungs and lymphatic system as well as fasting, such as the Water and Juice Fast.

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Psychological Healing

There is no doubt that a patient’s psychological attitude plays a profound role in the recovery program. The FACT approach advocates a host of techniques to establish the psychological framework to support healing, including stress management, meditation, biofeedback along with counselling to optimize the patient-family/caregiver relationship;

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Physical Considerations

The goal is to strengthen host resistance. Attention must be paid to normalize, as much as possible, all of the systems of the body – endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, nerve, etc. – as well as to correct hormonal imbalances. The physical state of the body plays a great role in facilitating the healing process. Practitioners who are involved with biological therapies are aware that a misaligned spine can greatly impede bio-repair, as various organs and systems such as bowel movements, circulation and the endocrine system are signaled into activity by means of the nerve network and the autonomic nerve system. Misalignment of the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) of the jaw joint can create a host of impairments, from low back pains to tinnitus. But it is theorized it can also block signals from the spinal column that impact vital organs and bodily functions, so realignment is often a part of a comprehensive bio-repair program. Physical exercise, breathing exercises, light therapy and proper rest are also considerations in the implementation of an effective bio-repair protocol.

Understanding your body

Adjunctive Therapies

Over the years, FACT has had considerable experience with cancer patients who have utilized a number of supplementary procedures and substances to help battle disease and restore and strengthen their immune system. These include Immunotherapy, Whole-Body Hyperthermia (Fever Therapy), Cellular and Stem Cell Therapy and Botanicals, such as Hoxsey Herbal Therapy and Essiac, an old herbal formula discovered by Canadian nurse Rene Caisse which includes four primary herbs (slippery elm inner bark, burdock root, sheep sorrel and Indian rhubarb root) which can aid in rebalancing the body chemistry and in the elimination of toxins.

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