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Our 53rd Year

Rethinking Cancer Newsletter #76

We sincerely hope that all of you have been taking good care of yourselves and each other during these extraordinary, challenging times in the U.S. and around the world. As we have so often emphasized, we trust that your focus is always on supporting and strengthening your innate healing capability (with a nutrient-rich diet as your primary protection), as well as working to improve the health of our environment and the treatment of all living beings here on this planet.
For our part at F.A.C.T., we’ve been busy the last few months redesigning and optimizing our websitein a way that we think will enable you to access most effectively all the valuable information we have on whatever device you choose to use. It’s the same vast collection of unique material, with frequent updates and additions, of course, based on our now nearly 50 years of experience working with patients and clinics worldwide. Our goal has always been to make as much of what we have learned available to you. In these times we feel it is more important than ever for people to know that — distinct from the conventional pharmaceutical model — there is a biologically sound, nontoxic way to regain and maintain health.
In celebration of the launch of our new website, we would like to offer a special 25% discount on all our publications and DVD (all purchases U.S. tax deductible) for the months of September and October. Just apply the code LAUNCH25 at checkout.
We hope you like our new look! Please feel free to share any comments or suggestions you may have via email at
To your health,
Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy (F.A.C.T.)
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Big Holes in the Germ Theory

Bechamp or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology
By E. Douglas Hume
Reviewed by Consuelo Reyes, President of F.A.C.T.

In his classic work The Stress of Life, Hans Selye, M.D., quotes these words of Louis Pasteur, famed proponent of the Germ Theory of disease, on his deathbed: “Le germe n’est rien, c’est le terrain qui est tout.” (“The microbe is nothing, the soil is everything.”)

Could this little-advertised admission indicate that Pasteur had renounced the very concept that he worked so hard to propagate — the model upon which modern medicine has been functioning for the past 150+ years? READ MORE

Ashitaba — Live Better Longer

Ashitaba is an adaptogen — an herb or substance that assists the body in easing stress, normalizing function and, thus, helping to relieve a wide range of health issues. Adaptogens automatically go to where they’re needed most. They know what to do.

Ashitaba, a superstar adaptogen, is considered among the elite 1% of all medicinal plants. READ MORE

Easy Ice Cream

Quick and delicious, though it does require a little arm exercise.

1 cup heavy cream (preferably unpasteurized, certified raw)
1/2 – 1 tablespoon raw honey or maple syrup
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Pinch unrefined sea salt
16 oz Mason jar
Optional: about 1/4 – 1/2 cup puréed fresh strawberries, blueberries or other fruit

1. Pour the cream, honey or maple syrup, salt and, if desired, fruit, into the jar. Screw lid on tight.
2. Shake vigorously until the cream thickens and almost doubles in size. This should take about 5 minutes of shaking. You can judge when it’s ready when the mix doubles and is close to the consistency of brownie batter.
3. Place jar in the freezer for at least 3 hours. Eat!

Created by the Foundation for the Advancement of Cancer Therapy