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The Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy (FACT) founded in 1971, is a federally approved 501(c)(3) organization. All proceeds from donations, sale of the DVD, and the books Triumph Over Cancer, Rethinking Cancer, and Detoxification are tax deductible. Your contributions help to fund FACT's educational efforts.

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FACT Product Guide

FACT Product Guide

Many readers have been asking us for specific suggestions about high quality products that would be useful for creating a more healthy lifestyle. So we've compiled this guide consisting of items with which we've had very positive personal experiences over our many years at FACT. This is, however, only a guide. There are doubtless many other good quality products available from other sources, but at least this is a place for you to get some ideas and start looking.

FACT is not offering these products for sale, nor does anyone associated with FACT have any vested interest in them, though some companies have offered to make a small donation to FACT, if someone should purchase them via the links provided. There is absolutely no obligation to you to go through these links or to compensate us in any way. A few companies are offering discounts to those who use a special FACT code. We cannot guarantee or be responsible for your experience with these products. We can only assure you that they were selected because they have been used with very satisfactory feedback from FACT staff, as well as many people who have been in touch with our organization in the course of the last 40 plus years.

More recommendations will be added, so check back from time to time!

Sonne's Green Life and other Whole Food Supplements

15% FACT Discount


Sonne's, one of the most highly respected companies in the health field, has been supplying top quality, foodform supplements since 1946. There is nothing else today to equal Green Life, the original cereal grass tablets or powder — 100% organically-grown vegetable food, gluten-free, low-heat, vaccum-dried processed to preserve all vitamins, minerals and enzymes with no fillers, binders or synthetics. Green Life can be taken daily to help balance nutritional deficiencies and supply all around superior nourishment. Other Sonne's Products include, Whole Beet Plant Juice, Natural Source Vitamin C, Seven Day Cleansing Kit, etc.

Just mention the code "RUTH" when ordering to receive a special FACT 15% discount.

Waterwise – water distiller


Waterwise carries the full range of distillers from manual-fill countertop to automatic floor models that can be hooked up directly to your home water supply. They're easy to use and produce great tasting pure water. A home distiller is ultimately cheaper and a whole lot easier than hauling plastic water bottles from the store. For more info, read "Why Distilled Water?"

SaladMaster — Waterless Cookware
5 % FACT Discount


Saladmaster has been making the top of the line stainless steel waterless cookware for over 60 years! Chris Nahatis always came to our annual FACT Cancer/Nutrition Conventions and was the hit of the show — creating a constant aromatic stream of delicious dishes for all to sample, all simple and nutritious without grease, high heat or boiling that destroys nutrients. It's nearly impossible to make a bad meal with these pots. In fact, we've had several people tell us that Saladmaster has saved their marriages! The pots are pricey, but made to last a lifetime and well worth the investment. The company ships anywhere in the world.

Be sure to mention "FACT" when ordering to receive the 5% discount.

Vitamix — super blender

$440 - Use the code "06-009102" for free standard shipping! ($25US/$35CN)

Simply the best blenders made! All models are good, some have a larger container, some more heavy duty, or quieter motor, but you can't really go wrong with any model as far as accomplishing the full range of food prep.

Use the code above and get FREE standard shipping ($25US/$35CN)1-800-848-2649.

Vegetable Juicers

The market is awash with juicers these days, but all fall into two basic types: centrifugal or masticator (cold-press).

Centrifugal juicers are more common, lower-priced, but have drawbacks. Because the fast-spinning metal blade generates heat, some enzymes can be destroyed. The heat also oxidizes nutrients, so the juice is less nutritious than with a cold-press extractor.

The masticator or cold-press juicers are more efficient: first crushing, then pressing fruit and vegetables for the highest juice yield. They produce minimal heat, so nutrients are kept intact resulting in richer tasting juice. These models have strong, low RPM motors and tend to last longer than most centrifugal. They usually can handle a much wider range of produce.

Here are 3 juicers from low to high end. We have found these to be among the best in their price range, though certainly there are other excellent models out there:

1. Jack Lalanne Power Juicer


This is a centrifugal type. It's very affordable, easy to use and does yield a large amount of juice relative to input. However, it's not that sturdy and has the heat problems associated with centrifugal juicers.

2. Green Star Juicer


Mid-range price, this is an excellent all around juice extractor — masticator type. Designed for long, heavy duty use, very quiet, it can juice a wide range of herbs, plants, leafiest greens, fruits and vegetables with high nutrient content. Easy to clean, it also comes with attachments to make pasta, nut butters, desserts, baby food, rice cakes. The basic GS-1000 model is fine, though there are several other models to choose from.

3. Super Angel Juicer


This is top of the line — in the same Rolls Royce category of juicers as the original Norwalk Juicer, but lighter weight, less costly and easier to use. The most technologically advanced juicer on the market, it's all stainless steel, extracts about 20-30% more juice than most masticator or centrifugal types, so will save you on buying produce. Comes with a 10-year warranty. It is pricey, but packs maximum nutrients into juice and can do a whole lot more good stuff.

Nesco (American Harvest) — food dehydrator


Dehydrators seal in taste without destroying enzymes or nutrients. Nesco offers a wide variety of different sizes and features, but the lower-priced models will do the job just as well as the more expensive. Make your own kale chips, dried fruits and veggies, dried herbs and flowers, delicious cookies and pastries, etc. A nice addition to a healthy, creative kitchen, though preparation and clean-up can require some time.

Needak Rebounder — mini-trampoline


Rebounding is one of the best and easiest ways for people of all ages to exercise. You can jog, jump or just simply bounce (feet don't leave the surface) for minutes a day to reap real health benefits, including reducing body fat, increasing agility and oxygen uptake, improving balance, strengthening the heart, increasing endorphins which promote relaxation, etc. The constant motion helps flush the lungs, skin and lymph (detox) and rejuvenates every cell in the body. Plus, it's fun! Try with music!

Footmate Massaging Foot System


A great way to end the day! Use this in your shower to clean, soothe, stimulate and massage your feet. Because nerve endings for all the organs in your body are located on the souls of your feet, you’ll be strengthening body function and increasing overall circulation. A really nice gift to yourself!

Thumper Hand Back Massager


Thumper makes exceptionally sturdy and effective hand held massagers for working out tight or sore muscles or for just overall relaxation. This model is particularly handy for self-use because it’s not too heavy, has a nice range of speeds and a long handle so you can easily reach all areas, including feet. No need to hire a masseuse!.

Top CQ-27 Infrared Lamp


Heat heals! Infrared heat penetrates deeply into muscles and accelerates healing by reducing inflammation and pain, enhancing immunity, improving circulation, muscle relaxation and much more. This model has an easy hand timer. It's on wheels, with adjustable head so easy to position over specific areas that need attention. Accupuncturists often use these lamps to enhance effects of their needles.

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