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Healing Cancer – The Unconventional Wisdom of Ruth Sackman

healing cancer
Healing Cancer - The Unconventional Wisdom of Ruth Sackman

Healing Cancer is F.A.C.T.’s most comprehensive publication to date — an important contribution to our library of educational materials.

The book is a treasure trove of practical information by an expert with unique in-depth experience and historical perspective. Many, indeed, have said that it’s the next best thing to picking up the phone and talking to Ruth, as literally thousands of people were able to do over the course of her 38 years at the helm of the foundation.

Besides Ruth’s 60 plus articles on a wide range of topics and an Introduction that reads at times like a thriller, this 350-page volume contains an Appendix with “The Packet” — the over 100 page compendium provided to all new patients, featuring case histories, guidance on diet, detox, adjunctive therapies, and much more — never before available to the general public. Healing Cancer is lively and thought-provoking. We think you’ll be very glad to have it at your fingertips.