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September 25, 2015

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Monsanto and its Big Food minions have spent hundreds of millions of dollars pushing the idea that anyone who questions the safety of their genetically-engineered products is ignorant, alarmist and “anti-science.” So no doubt they’re stewing about an article just published on August 20th — by a medical doctor and scientist —in the highly prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. The authors, Philip J. Landrigan, M.D. and Charles Benbrook, Ph.D., present rational, science-based evidence to support their recommendations that 1) the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) not allow the use of Dow Chemicals’ Enlist Duo, a toxic combo of glyphosate (declared a “probable human carcinogen”) and 2-4,D (a major ingredient in Agent Orange and “possible human carcinogen”), both now lavishly applied to GMO crops, and 2) that GMOs should be labeled.

According to the authors:

In our view, the science and the risk assessment supporting the Enlist Duo decision are flawed. The science consisted solely of toxicologic studies commissioned by the herbicide manufacturers in the 1980s and 1990s and never published, not an uncommon practice in U.S. pesticide regulation. These studies predated current knowledge of low-dose, endocrine-mediated, and epigenetic effects and were not designed to detect them. The risk assessment gave little consideration to potential health effects in infants and children, thus contravening federal pesticide law. It failed to consider ecologic impact, such as effects on the monarch butterfly and other pollinators. It considered only pure glyphosate, despite studies showing that formulated glyphosate that contains surfactants and adjuvants is more toxic than the pure compound.

And on labeling:

[Labeling]is essential for tracking emergence of novel food allergies and assessing effects of chemical herbicides applied to GM crops.

Visitors to know that we are steadfastly opposed to GMOs and firmly in support of mandatory labeling. In July, GMO proponents managed to convince the U.S. House of Representatives that GMO products should not be labeled (H.R. 1599) because of the bogus claim that they pose no risk to human health. This fall, a Senate version of this bill will be introduced to try to seal the deal and deny all states the right to require labeling and all Americans the right to know what’s in their food.

Polls show over 90% of the public consistently supports mandatory labeling of GMOs. We cannot allow the greed and corruption of the few to supercede the wishes and endanger the health of the vast majority. We strongly urge you to forward this essay in NEJM, along with your demand for mandatory labeling, to as many people as possible, including your U.S. Senators, the President and all presidential candidates:

To your health!

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