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Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) – A Game Changer

The LDN story begins with Naltrexone (not low dose), a drug first developed in the 1960s as a strategy for reducing addiction to narcotics and alcohol. It is an opiate receptor blocking agent so that, when taken orally in 50 mg. doses a day, drugs like heroin cannot be absorbed into the body and, because no “high” would result, it was thought that addiction could be eliminated. However, in extensive studies Naltrexone proved so effective at blocking the dangerous narcotics that addicts felt miserable. They could not function. Many became suicidal. The therapy was deemed a failure and Naltrexone was shelved as an addiction treatment. In 1984, however, it was approved as Naloxone by the FDA as an emergency technique in overdose cases: if administered within 24 hours of the O.D., the lethal substances are blocked from entering the system and lives can be saved. Policemen in many cities are now equipped with Naloxone for such emergencies.

A Big Discovery

In the 1980s Bernard Bahari, M.D., a neurologist/immunologist, was working in New York City with many AIDS patients who were also heroine addicts. He was familiar with the earlier Naltrexone trials and began researching why it had been such a failure. He discovered that drugs like heroine and morphine are bio-identical to chemicals we make in our own bodies (in the adrenals) called endorphins, known for their  “feel good” immune stimulating effects. Naltrexone, he theorized, likely also blocked these important natural endorphins from the same receptors needed to activate immune function. Dr. Bahari reasoned that, while the daily 50 mg. dose of Naltrexone deprived the body of the “cheap” high, it also prevented. any natural endorphin ”feel good” effect for 24 hours. The result: a life without joy. A complete blocking of endorphins makes for feeling depressed all the time, leading to depleted immune function and deteriorating health.

It is well known that endorphins are intricately connected to our immune response. They are the fuel for energizing our T-cells, B-cells, our natural killer cells, the synthesis of tumor necrosis factor (to fight infection), etc. Bahari tested AIDS patients, along with others suffering various immune disfunction diseases and found all were low in endorphins. He hypothesized that he could trick the body, which always strives for equilibrium, into making more endorphins by giving a very low dose of Naltrexone. If the originally prescribed 50 mg. blocked the receptors for a whole day, he figured 3 or 4 mg. per day, given in the evening, when 90% of endorphins are made, would block receptors for just an hour or so, causing stepped up endorphin production — a rebound effect. In other words, the body is saying, “Hey, give me more endorphins to do my job!”

Voila! He discovered that the short blockade of receptors could result in as much as a 5 or 6 – fold increase in endorphin production, leading over time, in many cases, to normalization or significantly improved quality of life! In one survey, 40 out of 42 MS patients went into remission after using LDN. Thus, in place of toxic opiates, endogenous (“in-house” made)  endorphins abounded and enhanced well being by activating the whole immune apparatus!

State of play

LDN, given in doses of 1.5 – 4.5 mg, taken in the evening, has since been effective in a wide range of disease conditions, including cancer, Crohn’s Disease, depression, psoriasis, MS, Parkinson’s — in short, pretty much the A-Z of modern chronic conditions (“Diseases of Civilization”). In such a very small dose, it has no toxicity and virtually no adverse effects ( sometimes, in the first week or so of taking it, some people experience vivid dreams or a slight delay in falling asleep, but this soon subsides.).

Since Bahari’s eureka, LDN has been used by thousands of patients worldwide, though mostly via the alternative medical community. It is still relatively unknown in conventional medicine. While 50 mg./day Naltrexone was approved by FDA years ago, it is now an off-patent generic. Drug companies would have to go through expensive trials to approve LDN for its current use. But it’s not a big money maker, ergo they are uninterested in pushing it. They would rather invest in trials for the next potential “blockbuster” meds. Even though M.D.s can legally prescribe LDN as “off-label,” many are reluctant because it’s not encouraged by the pharmaceutical reps who offer them perks for encouraging patients to try newer, pricier on patent medicaments.

If you listen to TV commercials, you know that these new “blockbusters” are too often loaded with significant side effects, while short-lived in efficacy. LDN is nontoxic, no side effects, inexpensive, easy to take and because it gets at the root of the problem — immune deficiency — rather than just blocking symptoms or messing with toxic agents, it actually addresses the problems of our modern industrial age. Turns out, an exhausted immune function is at the root of our epidemic of chronic/autoimmune diseases, the consequence of pervasive dependance on over-processed and refined foods robbed of nutrients, low fat and low cholesterol diets (lacking healthy fats necessary to make endorphins), too much coffee, tea, sugar enervating our adrenals, ubiquitous exposure to synthetic, toxic chemicals in our food, air and water, misuse and overuse of prescription/over-the-counter drugs, AND rampant stress that erodes the adrenals’ ability to produce endorphins, etc.

LDN helps get the immune system working for us again. It’s not a cure, but it can be a dramatic game changer and most effective when combined with a healthy lifestyle. We know that “feel good” hormones are naturally increased with pleasant activities like aerobic exercise (“runner’s high”), acupuncture, laughter, feeling loved, massage, certain smells like lavender and vanilla, time in nature along with good diet, sleep, etc. LDN is likely the single most powerful and easy way to raise endorphin levels. In our complicated world, it works in concert with these good habits, releasing us to enjoy a less toxic world, enabling our innate healing capability to take charge.

Let us pause a moment on the remarkable intelligent design of the human body: it is our nature to desire to do healthy things that make us feel good emotionally, thereby, increasing endorphin production which, in turn, strengthens our physical body and overall sense of well being. Mind and body are literally working as a team! This is our birthright. Unfortunately, when these natural “feel good” behaviors seem out of reach to some individuals, they may seek less positive, more destructive ways — e.g., alcohol, drugs, junk eating — to get that momentary lift they so crave. Minus that regular resupply of endorphins, the immune system withers and health goes downhill.

More Results

Beyond specific diseases, LDN has been shown to help patients experiencing fatigue, pain, muscle weakness and cognitive dysfunction – up to 90%. LDN helps reduce symptoms associated with fibromyalgia by 30%. In many patients, treatment with LDN has also resulted in enhanced mood and overall greater satisfaction with life.

LDN offers protective benefits against neurodegenerative diseases, where chronic inflammation is often the underlying cause. With LDN’s antioxidant properties, it reduces the effects of free radicals throughout your body, thereby reducing chronic inflammation, disease onset and progression. With an energized immune function the body’s cells and systems begin to work together to support and empower our natural healing tendency. In many case, remission and/or enhanced quality of life are experienced.

How to get LDN

LDN is a prescription drug. There are more and more physicians who are LDN prescribers, so check resources below. Because FDA has only approved Naltrexone in 50 mg. doses, the prescribing doctor will refer you to a compounding pharmacy to break it down into the smaller prescribed dose, usually starting at 1.5 mg./day working up to 3 or perhaps 4.5 mg./day. Your doctor should refer you to a proper pharmacy for a monthly supply, which may cost approximately $35 – $45/month, sometimes less.

How long before results? Everyone responds differently. Some feel some difference fairly soon — more energy, pain relief, etc. — others take longer. Effects generally seem to become clearer with time. Many doctors recommend committing to it for at least 90 days. Since LDN applies to a wide variety of conditions, the time it takes to be most effective is a wide range. There are, inevitably, a small percentage of people who do not experience significant improvement, but certainly no harm.

In Sum

LDN is an important, exciting tool, but it’s also a wake-up call: to strive to create a lifestyle that supports true health in harmony with Nature — despite the stresses and strains of our technologically advanced times. We know that, for many, just escaping the Rat Race, doing what you really love doing instead of what you think you’ve always been told you have to do, increases endorphins! We need to rethink a lot of the ways we’re living: perhaps we don’t have to spend so much time looking at our cell phones instead of actually talking to each other and enjoying fresh air and sunshine. We need to rethink all those drugs we see every day advertised as miracle cures for quick symptom relief, despite horrific side effects — symptoms that, in many cases, can be seen as messages better addressed by lifestyle changes. For all those struggling and willing to make changes, LDN can be a valuable partner.

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