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Being Smart With Your Smart Phone

Fifty years ago it was perfectly respectable to light up a cigarette in a doctor’s office or most any place else — a behavior that today would be considered outrageous, the height of impropriety! But mores change as we acquire more information, which begs the question: are there current behaviors that demand a rethinking of codes of common courtesy? According to Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF), the answer is yes: in particular, when it comes to the use of electromagnetic (EMF) radiation-emitting cell phones in public and even private places, it’s time for a “New Etiquette.”

Just as, for decades, the tobacco industry played down the health risks of smoking — while many suspected otherwise — the telecom and electronics industries, abetted by our so-called government “watch-dog” agencies and the media, have largely ignored or minimized the potential dangers of increasing radio frequency radiation exposure. According to many scientists worldwide, the now ubiquitous EMFs from smart phones can affect the functioning of our body’s nervous system, inducing changes in central nervous system cells, including neuronal cell apoptosis, changes in the function of myelin and ion channels. Cancer and abnormal growths may be a symptom of very high and constant EMF exposure. Other symptoms may include: overall weakening of the immune system, particularly in those with pre-existing conditions, sleep disturbances, heightened stress to all living creatures, including plants and animals.

Do we need to wait for unequivocal evidence of serious harm before we get serious about altering our behavior?* WAPF suggests getting ahead of this curve with a simple change of habit. Since cell phones are the primary source for receiving as well as emitting this pulsed microwave electro smog, whenever not using your cellphone, simply put it in “airplane mode” which stops emissions. This is important when you’re alone, in a small group, and especially in large gatherings when the radiation exposures can be hyper-multiplied. Indeed, this past year while large groups have been automatically seen as sources of contagion, something else may be at play.

This “New Etiquette” would make it standard procedure to see notices in restaurants, theaters, stadiums, reminding patrons to go into “airplane mode” instead of just turning off their phone ring. It would become de rigueur to have cell phone baskets, just like as for wet umbrellas, in offices and homes where guests can deposit their “airplane mode” phones before entering. Education programs and public signage would remind people to switch to “airplane mode,” especially around children who are more vulnerable to EMF exposures. Just as the cable button on many TVs automatically goes off after a period of non-use, cell phone manufacturers could make idle phones that automatically default to “airplane mode.” And perhaps — mirabile dictu —people would even talk to each other more because they’re not constantly checking their phones….

Real change comes from a change of heart. Let’s stay safe and embrace the “New Etiquette.” Spread the word on “airplane mode”!

*Update: On August 13, 2021 Childrens Health Defense (CHD) and Environmental Health Trust  (EHT) announced that they had won a landmark decision against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled that FCC had failed to provide a reasonable explanation why its current guidelines (established in the 1990s) adequately protect the public against harmful effects of exposure to 5G and wireless technologies in view of extensive and mounting scientific evidence to the contrary. The plaintiffs presented thousands of peer-reviewed research studies showing DNA damage, reproductive harm, neurological effects such as ADHD, radiation sickness, which appeared to be the most widespread manifestations of wireless harms. Evidence also included impaired blood flow and damage to the blood-brain barrier, cognitive, memory and sleep problems. Oxidative stress, which can lead to cancer and other DNA damage was found in 203 out of 225 studies.

Summarizing the verdict, Robert F. Kennedy, JR of CHD stated: The overwhelming experimental and human evidence which the FCC has ignored leaves no doubt that wireless technology is a major contributory factor to this epidemic. The FCC has shown that its chief interest is protecting the telecom industry and maximizing its profits, and its position as put forward in its brief is simply indefensible.”

This historic decision, which seriously challenges the mad rush to rollout 5G and more wireless tech, should have been a headline story. Thus far, however, mainstream media has been mum, in no small part because the news industry is deeply intertwined with telecoms operations and advertising. Your elected officials may not even be aware of the Aug. 13th decision. If you are concerned about this, let them know!