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The benefits of an apple

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Though apples are the most versatile of fruits, eaten for their zest and flavor, they also have many valuable characteristics, health and nutrition-wise which can become a worthy tool in beating cancer or any illness. The benefits of Apples are:

  1. Vitamins A and C found in apples promote growth, help ward off colds.
  2. The minerals like iron, phosphorus and calcium in apples are fully utilized by the body.
  3. Pectin and uronic acid in apples assist detoxification of the system and help to maintain intestinal activity and a healthy intestinal tract.
  4. Apples help to keep the blood alkaline, and counteract acids formed in the body by such foods as meat and fish; malic acid of apples aids digestion.
  5. The high levulose content of apples makes them acceptable in a diet for diabetics.
  6. Fruit acids of apples act as a natural toothbrush on the teeth, and help keep the gums in a healthy condition.
  7. Firmness of apple meat assists in removing particles of the soft foods from between the teeth.
  8. Apples act as a detergent food sweeping the mouth clean, reducing acid attacks on tooth enamel.
  9. An average-sized apple represents 80 to 90 calories.  A quarter of an apple has less calories than one plain soda cracker.
  10. The sugar in apples relieves the hungry feeling and the bulky pulp gives the dieter a filled-up feeling.
  11. Last, but not least, medical research reported by the American Heart Association suggests that the inclusion in the diet of two ripe apples daily for three weeks corresponds to the amount of pectin, 15 grams, which was found effective over that period of time in lowering blood cholesterol levels.  There is a gradual increase in soluble pectin after harvest with the amount of total pectin substances remaining fairly constant until apples become overripe and mealy.

The list of benefits that Apples bring is long so why not read more about Apples or take alook at some of our Apple Recipes