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A Rational Approach to Cancer

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Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy (F.A.C.T.) is very pleased to announce the publication of an important addition to our Recommended Reading – Cancer-A Rational Approach to Long-Term Recovery by Lou Dina:

We get many queries from people who have seen the film Rethinking Cancer and want to know “Now, what, specifically, should I do?” This book is the answer to that call.

A rational approach to cancer
A rational approach to cancer

Lou Dina, a mechanical engineer, classical guitarist and one of the patients featured in the film Rethinking Cancer, was diagnosed in 1978 with lymph cancer metastasized to the bone. After methodically examining all his medical options, Lou beat the odds using a non-invasive, non-toxic metabolic approach or bio-repair. He has remained cancer-free for over 30 years.

Now, in this just published work, Cancer—A Rational Approach to Long-Term Recovery, he shares the details of his battle with the disease and documents the specific steps he took to regain his health. This is much more than an inspiring story of recovery. It is, in effect, a textbook for patients and doctors alike, presenting the essentials of bio-repair in a highly accessible way. This book really puts “meat” on the bones of the bio-repair concept that has been used successfully by hundreds of well-documented, long-term recovered patients.

We feel strongly that Cancer —  A Rational Approach to Long-Term Recovery should be required reading for all those seeking a deeper understanding of the non-toxic, bio-repair approach to prevention and treatment of cancer and other chronic conditions.

If you want a Rational Approach to Cancer, check out her book.