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Our 53rd Year


By F.A.C.T. 

The following report was given to us by a woman from Michigan. Nothing has been done to verify  the information as it sounds quite unusual compared with the knowledge we already have that  benefits the cancer patient. It is being printed only to pass on information that arrives at the  F.A.C.T. office, and possibly, for someone doing research to conduct a project to validate or  negate the information. If the research is undertaken, we would appreciate receiving the report. 

A report of Caro Huptn, editor of the newspaper “TAGO”. 

“Kerosene cures diseases which are derived from the blood,” thus maintains the wife of a  Tyrolese butcher, Paula Canner. 

Paula Canner (age 50) has cured more than 20,000 sick and received a patent in several  countries. Caro Huptn visited her to learn about her method. Paula,herself, had cancer and cured  herself by using kerosene. She helped cure people sick with cancer, when all other methods had  proved fruitless. How did it happen, that she learned about the healing characteristics of  kerosene? 

Paula Canner was sick with cancer that had already spread (metastasis) and lost 14kilograms.  Surgery was used to remove [a large part] of her intestines. It was too late for another operation,  a colostomy, because she became paralyzed and her rectum became atomic. Even her right  kidney was attacked by the cancer. According to her doctors, her condition was hopeless. After  an eight-day stay-in the hospital she was sent home as an incurable patient. She was given two  days to live. 

While lying at home, paralyzed, she remembered what the soldiers used to say when they were at  Bosnia and Herbage during World War I. They said that the people of those towns used to drink  kerosene, to cure all types of illnesses and also used it as a substance for rubbing-down the sick.  She asked someone to buy her some distilled kerosene at a drugstore in Insbruk. When she  received, it,immediately she took one tablespoon. In less than an hour there was a slight  improvement in her condition. The paralysis and the pain disappeared. In three days she got out  of bed for the first time. After some time she began to eat and did not vomit after eating. After 6  weeks, she felt a terrible hunger and got a taste for veal cutlets, meat, vegetables and salad. Later  she reached her normal weight of 56 kg. After 11 months of illness she bore a son, who  weighed5.6 kg. One month after the child’s birth, she volunteered to give blood. The doctor in  the clinic said, “I wish every person had your blood, you must have never been sick.” Since that  time, the Canner family is not frightened by the terrible disease, for which up to this time there  has been no cure. 

Mrs .Canner’s youngest son contracted infantile paralysis (polio). In a short while the paralysis  reached his hips and spread to the other leg. Finally he could not stand up and his knees began to 

turn toward his back. Injections and medicine did not help him. At this time he took some  kerosene. After 7 days he was able to run and play with the other children. Her other son cut his  finger while cutting meat in his father’s butcher shop. He got blood-poisoning. He lost weight  and had 1.5 million too few red blood corpuscles. Iron tablets did not help him. After taking  kerosene for 5 days, he could once again work in the butcher shop. In 4 weeks he was completely  recovered. 

The year 1962: Helena Maglere from Honduras was dying. A year ago, at the age of48, she  noticed in her breast a lump which was growing in size and was verypainful. Her breast was  surgically removed but it was noticed that the cancer had spread to her ovaries and uterus. Her  bladder became paralyzed and it had to be opened. The case was hopeless. She was given one  teaspoon of kerosene on an empty stomach. After 4 weeks she could eat once again, her  repugnance for meat disappeared completely, the pains stopped, her pulse and blood-pressure  became normal. After taking kerosene for 4 weeks, the morphine injections could be  discontinued. She had three cancerous lumps in her abdomen, had had hemorrhage, and yet in 4  weeks she had completely recovered. 

One day after dinner, Margaret Weber felt sick and went to bed. In the evening she had no  appetite, stopped eating, she felt sick for weeks, and did not know what was wrong with her. The  diagnosis was a stomach ulcer. A part of her stomach was surgically removed. At first she felt  better, but the pains did not stop. The second diagnosis was stomach cancer. For two weeks she  took a teaspoon of kerosene a day. After a 14-day break, she repeated the treatments. On the  12thday of the first treatment she felt somewhat better. Gradually she regained her dexterity, her  physical well-being, clarity of mind; the pains, the pressure inhere stomach, the constant  indisposition of her stomach and the lack of appetite disappeared. The blood test results were  excellent. Before the treatment she was constantly on a special diet and was terribly thirsty she  had diabetes.This disease also disappeared and she no longer needs to take any medication. 

• Kerosene used in the treatment of prostate gland: J6zef Szober, age 57, was suffering  from prostate. For 4 weeks he took a teaspoon of kerosene in the morning and in the  evening. After only 14 days he was able to once again hold his urine. After two more  weeks of taking kerosene, the prostate gland, which the doctors were unable to cure,  returned to normal. Two years later he became ill with a stomach ulcer, but after taking  kerosene for three weeks he was well. 

• Theson, Jungo Canner, age 24, five years ago cured himself of a chronic bladder disease  by taking a teaspoon of kerosene for some time. Before the illness, he was weak and ate  very little. Today he is healthy and looks well. 

• Paula Canner’s poodle was shedding all its fur and contracted leukemia. After being  given kerosene for 7 weeks, his fur grew back and the leukemia disappeared. • Mariposa, age 60 (1963), noticed a lump in her right breast. Three radiation treatments  produced no results and the breast was surgically removed. For 14days she took a  teaspoon of kerosene, 3 times a day. After a 10-day pause, she repeated the treatment.  Since this time, she hasn’t had any illnesses and her weight became normal. • Kles Weller’s (age 55) stomach was opened. At this time, a large cancerous tumor was  found around her pancreas and it was determined that both of her suprarenal glands had  been attacked by cancer. Four days after the surgery she regained consciousness. At this 

time she was given a teaspoon of kerosene. A few day slater the first signs of  improvement are noticed. On the 4th day of the treatment she feels so well that she wants  to get out of bed and says'”There’s nothing wrong with me and I am completely well.”  She is not allowed to get up, however, and must take kerosene for 10 more days. 

Paula Canner maintains that kerosene helps in cases when the disease is due to cancer. It is  extremely important to use kerosene which has been distilled at temperature between 100-150′ C.  At a high temperature of distillation the healing elements are evaporated from this mixture of  hydrocarbons; the rest could be harmful to the blood. It is best to use kerosene imported from  Poland,as it has these boiling properties. Many people who were not helped by radiation  treatments or surgery were cured by taking kerosene, without any harmful side effects. 

Dr .Richard from Michal maintains: It has been proven through research, that the defensive  strengths of our system, against tumors, is found in the soft part of our reticular structure (not  medical terminology). That is why it is necessary to strive to maintain and strengthen this  structure. Experiments done in this area show that radiation unfortunately weakens the defensive  strengths of this regenerative tissue. 

1. Kerosene heals cancer, even when it has spread. 

2. Kerosene heals infantile paralysis(polio). 

3. Kerosene heals blood poisoning. 

4. Kerosene heals diabetes. 

It is suggested that those who have diabetes use 15 drops for the sugar. Kerosene stimulates the  lymphatic glands and in this manner penetrates to the blood. 

– One should take a few teaspoons of kerosene a year (as a preventive measure). 

In order to prevent the reoccurrence of cancer, for 13 days in succession, Paula Canner takes one  teaspoon of kerosene a day, on an empty stomach. Paula Canner received a medical patent and a  special patent in France; she also received patents in England, Ireland, West Germany and  Switzerland. 

-Ameliorations of the primary kerosene, this mixture of hydrocarbons, are filtered through active  coal. 

The address of Paula Canner:Volga/Troll/Doorpost 24, Austria. 

– In Warsaw, kerosene may be purchased in the following stores: 

u.Hibn era 5 (Hinder Street) 

ul.Wil era S, phone: 20-07-59 

Ulster 145, phone: 20-42-55 

gulper 5 (the store of Mr. Kiowa, across from the movie theatre”Saw”)

– Ask for distilled kerosene “PETROL”. On the bottle it will say “for cleaning metals”. Please do  not be frightened by this. This is kerosene which may be used orally. 

P. S. My stipulations: 

– Since not everyone is immediately able to tolerate taking 1/2 or 1 teaspoon of kerosene a day, it  is better to start from 1 to 2 drops of kerosene mixed in boiled water, 2-3 times a day (2 hours  after eating). One of my friends who has cancer of the uterus, takes kerosene twice a day, 3  drops, 2 hours after eating. Presently she is working, not increasing the dosage, and interrupting  the treatment periodically. 

– The treatment usually lasts a month to 6 weeks. then its use can be discontinued and resumed if  the need arises, simultaneously, paying attention to the basic laboratory tests (urinalysis, blood  morphology and liver tests). 

– I have not had any reports that this kerosene has ever harmed anyone. On the contrary,it has  markedly helped many people. Sometimes, when taken on an empty stomach,it causes looser  bowel movements.