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Our 53rd Year – What Is the Point?

Rethinking Cancer
Rethinking Cancer has a goal to help you become a wise medical consumer should you perhaps be in the throes of a cancer diagnosis.

We embody the Biorepair concept, and if it makes sense to you, you too can become as knowledgeable as possible about this very logical, comprehensive approach.

Explore the vast resources on this site (– FAQs, articles, audios, videos, books,) etc and you will be armed with a clear understanding of Bio-Repair, allowing you to be best prepared, relaxed and in charge of your own healing which is the key to successful long-term recovery, as illustrated in our film, Rethinking Cancer.

We get many emails from people seeking individual medical help, but as a nonprofit, educational organization, F.A.C.T. cannot legally prescribe a specific medical course of action. Moreover, our global presence now on the web renders individual phone contact impossible.

In our “brick and mortar” days, we could handle quite a number of calls, but, in this digital incarnation, we simply do not have the facilities to manage the massive volume of enquiries, however, general questions can be addressed via our email:

We have designed to provide information that will help you evaluate what is the best approach and let you take advantage of the wealth of materials available on this website? Once you have a thorough grasp of Biorepair, you will be positioned to choose a competent medical advisor and have access to our Practitioner Directory.

We are very selective about the listings we place on so you may not find something in your immediate area but it’s good to partner with a trusted advisor regardless of location.

Many people have a local conventional doctor for diagnostic work and consult by phone with their advisor but i’s important to remember that you, who know your body best and are always an active partner in this relationship. – The difficulties of chosing alternative cancer therapy

It takes courage, conviction and in-depth understanding to counter conventional medical thinking.

You may also encounter pressure from loving family and friends to acquiesce to standard treatments.

There’s a tsunami of information and misinformation out there – alternative, as well as conventional

All three can hijack your success with alternative cancer therapies.

To solve, be prepared! Your journey will be a whole lot easier if you are clear and firm on what you’re looking for in terms of Alternative Cancer Therapy.

FACT’s nearly 5 decades of experience, including feedback from thousands of patients and clinicians worldwide, have taught us that just because something flies under the “Alternative” banner, it is not necessarily effective or harmless.

Beware of single elements touted as cures:

  1. Certain substances or techniques may be helpful for some people, but many can impact negatively over time and/or are limited because they’re similar in focus to conventional treatments, i.e., simply killing cancer cells or alleviating symptoms by blocking or interfering with natural processes and failing to address the systemic cause of the problem: abnormal cell production.
  2. There are many highly touted “magic bullets” – botanicals, superfoods, supplements – that may contain valuable properties, but can overstimulate and exhaust vital energy, lacking in the full range of raw materials that are amazing, complex bodies require.
  3. There are some toxic “alternatives” that may have briefly achieved that label simply because they were rejected by conventional medicine, but, inevitably, as problems emerged, they faded into oblivion. In short, it’s a bit of a crapshoot out there.

This is why we support a time-tested comprehensive system that supplies the body with all the materials and conditions needed to correct imbalances and, thus, regain and maintain vibrant health.

YOU are in charge of your own healing. Without clear direction, you’ll be bobbing around in a sea of options, squandering valuable time and resources trying to make sense of it all.

If Biorepair feels like the approach you want to take, it is our sincere hope that will give you the compass you need to achieve your goals.