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Rethinking Cancer – The Book

Rethinking Cancer - The Book

Rethinking Cancer by Ruth Sackman is an excellent companion book to the film.  It shifts the focus of treatment from symptoms – the tumor or abnormal blood picture – to correcting the cause of the health breakdown in the body as a whole. The goal is not tumor reduction, as in conventional protocols. Rather, the yardstick of success is the long term recovery of the patient, i.e., returning the body to as normal a state of health as possible.

Mrs. Sackman’s experience taught her that, given the right materials and conditions, the body has enormous ability to heal. This is a concept she was well qualified to advance. From 1971 up until her death in 2008, she was at the helm of the Foundation for Advancement In Cancer Therapy (FACT), an international nonprofit organization providing information and referrals to literally thousands of patients who were seeking a different direction from standard toxic protocols, such as chemotherapy and radiation.  Over these 37 years Mrs. Sackman gained an enormous amount of knowledge from clinicians around the world, as well as from the feedback of a wide range of patients.

Rethinking Cancer, the book, covers all the aspects of a comprehensive program that can provide the body with the factors required for restoration and maintenance of optimum health. This is not intended as a self treatment handbook. Guidance by experienced practitioners is vital, but understanding the logic of this approach is the first step.

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Praise for Rethinking Cancer

“Only you, Mrs. Sackman, with your experience, knowledge, goodness, dedication and talents could have written such a needed and clear book like Rethinking Cancer. It is a masterpiece. It is my bedside book and I want to thank you for this labor of love.”
— D.S.

“This is such a great book. Hopefully, doctors will tune in to these concepts.”
— K.M.

“I’m ordering two more of your books as my copy has gone west to Oregon to a friend – she is a geriatric nurse practitioner who worked as a consultant for Neighborhood Shop in the Bronx. She is very impressed with your book. I am, too.”
— T.T.

“Reading Rethinking Cancer I was overcome with joy: Ruth Sackman has written a book that every person working to restore their health should read over and over and over again.”
— B.F.