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Thermos-Cooked Cereal

This is the most nutritious and easy way to eat grains. Eating whole grains in this way on a regular basis not only provides vital vitamins and minerals, but will help promote hormonal balance. This method was adapted by Dr. Bernard Jensen from a system developed by the Waerland Clinics in Europe.

The most wholesome way to prepare foods is to preserve all of the natural elements to the degree possible. Using a thermos saves these precious elements. All that is necessary is a wide-mouthed thermos and whole grains, such as rye berries, barley, wheatberries, corn, millet, brown rice, buckwheat, whole oats, etc. Flax seeds can also be used. Rye, barley and oats do not need to be ground before the thermos-cooking process, but the others will not soften adequately if not slightly ground beforehand (just whirl in a blender for several seconds). The grains can be used singly or combined for different tastes.

To prepare the cereal, put 3 tablespoons of grain in the thermos and add one cup hot (just under a boil) water for the average portion. If more or less food is desired, use a ratio of 1/3 cup of water to 1 tablespoon grain. Fasten cover tightly and let stand overnight or for about 8 hours.

The result will be equivalent to a prepared cereal without the loss of nutritional value. Some people prefer to use the cereal in its whole form as it comes from the thermos. Others prefer to put it in a blender for a consistency closer to regular cooked cereal. To warm the cereal before eating, put it in a bowl and warm it over a pot of hot water. (This is similar to using a double boiler.) Do not overheat!

Additional seasonings can be used. Try flavoring with raw honey, soaked dates, raisins or other dried fruits. Fresh fruits, nuts or yogurt can also be added. Feel free to experiment!