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Easy Yogurt*

  1. Mix cold (organic) milk and cold (organic) whole yogurt with a whisk. (proportions: 1/4 cup whole yogurt to 1 quart milk.) You can use yogurt from succeeding batches as your “starter”.
  2. Place mixture in a jar, glass or ceramic bowl and cover with a lid; put into an oven with the oven light on (oven turned off, of course).
  3. Let it incubate for about 24 hours (oven light will gradually warm mixture to about 85-90°F).
  4. If desired strain to thicken.
  5. Refrigerate and enjoy!

*This recipe was developed by Lou & Dinenne Dina who like to use a gallon of milk and 1 cup yogurt per batch! Lou is a 30+ year recovered cancer patient featured in the filmRethinking Cancer and author of the excellent new book Cancer – A Rational Approach to Long-Term Recovery, an in-depth look at the Biorepair program that restored his health.*