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Our 53rd Year

Cantaloupe Ambrosia*

  • 1 whole, very ripe and preferably organic cantaloupe
  • few dashes nutmeg
  1. Wash the melon well in cool water and pat dry. Cut in half and remove the seeds.** Cut in chunks (don’t remove peel) and run through a juicer.
  2. Chill. Serve in a large, tall glass with a few dashes of nutmeg on top. This tastes like a rich, thick shake, but, actually, it’s a low-calorie, low-fat, powerhouse, especially high in Vitamin A, alkalinizing the body and aiding elimination – not to mention, deelicious!

* Special thanks to Rita Znamirowsky for this recipe. Rita is one of the long-term recovered cancer patients featured in the film Rethinking Cancer.
** Save the seeds to make a calcium-rich “milk.” Just put seeds in a blender, add water, fruit juice or herbal tea and liquefy, then strain. For a nutrient-packed smoothie: add a heaping spoonful of hempseed powder, few spoons almond butter, dash ground allspice, teaspoon cacao powder, if you like, banana or dates for sweetener and blend. Add more liquid, if too thick. Experiment!

See Foods of the Week – Melons – for “the skinny” on the wonderful melon family, including how to choose a ripe one.