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Nature – The Only HealerBy Ruth Sackman

When a bone breaks, a doctor usually sets it in place, but what heals the bone? Nature is prepared to do its work and the bone knits so the break serves as though the area was never injured.

During Hippocrates’s time physicians depended greatly on the ability of Nature to cure the patient. The physician’s role was to supervise the process to see that nothing was done to interfere with Nature’s design. Today, unfortunately, no one wants to give the body a chance to do what it can do before alleviating symptoms with drugs that have side effects.

Following are some quotes from some famous practitioners of conservative healing methods:

Thomas Sydenham, M.D. (1624-1689):

“As it is palpable to all the world how fatal smallpox proves to many of all ages, so it is clear to me from all the observations that I can possibly make, that if no mischief be done, either by physician or nurse, it is the most safe and slight of all diseases.”

Russell Thacker Trail, M.D. (1812-1877):

“It is now more than 15 years since I have prescribed a particle of medicine of any kind, and although I have treated hundreds of cases of all the febrile diseases incident to New York and vicinity, including measles, scarlatina, erysipelas, smallpox, remittent typhus, typhoid, congestive and ship fevers, pneumonia, influenza, diphtheria, child-bed fever, dysentery, etc., etc., I have not lost one. And this statement I have repeatedly published in this city, where facts if otherwise than I represent, can be easily ascertained.”

“No Physician has ever yet given the world a reason that would bear the ordeal of a moment’s scientific examination, why a sick person should’ be poisoned more than a well person and I do not believe that the world will endure until he finds such a reason… If a medical man with good intentions administers one of these drug poisons, or a hundred of them, and the patient dies, he dies because the medicine can’t save him. But if a malefactor with murderous disposition gives the same medicine to a fellow-being, and the fellow-being dies, he dies because the poison killed him! Does the motive of the one who administers the drug alter its relation to vitality!”

“All healing power is inherent in the living system. There is no curative ‘virtue’ in medicines, nor in anything outside the vital organism.”

“There is ‘no law of cure’ in the universe; and the only condition of cure is, obedience to physiological law.”

“Drug remedies are themselves causes of disease. If they cure one disease, it is only by producing a drug disease. Every, dose diminishes the vitality of patient.”

“To attempt to cure diseases by adding to the causes of disease is irrational and absurd.”

John H. Tilden, M.D. (1851-1940):

“Crises of Toxemia – Every so-called disease is a crisis of Toxemia; which means that toxin has accumulated in the blood above the toleration point, and the crisis, the so-called disease call it cold, ‘flu’, pneumonia, headache, or typhoid fever is a vicarious elimination. Nature is endeavoring to rid the body of toxin. Any treatment that obstructs this effort at elimination baffles Nature in her effort… Drugs, fear, and keeping at work, prevent elimination. Nature can succeed admirably if not interfered with.”

“Twenty-fives years in which I used (prescribed) drugs, and thirty-three in which I have not used (prescribed) drugs, should make my belief, that drugs are unnecessary and in most cases injurious, worth something to those who care to know the truth.”

I am certainly in agreement with the above statements but do feel there are instances, possibly more likely in our time than for Drs. Tilden, Trail, Sydenham and others, when one has to be grateful that drugs can relieve unbearable symptoms. The difference is when used casually or precipitately, without giving Nature a chance, treatment can interfere with the healing process and cause side-effects unnecessarily.