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Facts On Enzymes By Author Unknown

  1. Enzymes rule over all other nutrients. Without the proper enzymes which are responsible for nearly every facet of life and health, the other nutrients in our food chain, or taken as supplements have little chance of performing their expected benefits.
  2. Enzymes are necessary in the digestion of food so the body can use its valuable store of body enzymes to help control all mental and physical functions. If your body uses its own enzymes for digesting dead food, it has to rob those enzymes from other organs, which in turn weakens them and makes them more susceptible to degenerative diseases. Cancer research has discovered certain enzymes are completely lacking in the blood and urine of cancer victims.
  3. Enzymes must have the presence of co-enzymes to function properly. Co-enzymes are vitamins and minerals. These co-enzymes are not destroyed (completely) by cooking, as raw enzymes are. Raw food enzymes are completely destroyed after (3) minutes of processing in heat of over 118 degrees F. Therefore, the co-enzymes in our regular diet are not fully utilized.
  4. Enzymes are necessary to extract chelated minerals from food. They transform chelated minerals into an alkaline detoxifying agent which then combines with acid cellular wastes and toxic settlements within the body. Thus neutralizing them and preparing them for elimination. This process dissolves solids both inside and outside of the cells. Thus equalizing the cell’s pressures, which is what we call osmotic equilibrium.
  5. Enzymes extract the minerals in our food, thus allowing the vitamins that are required as coenzymes, to work in every chemical reaction in every cell of our body. Without the minerals being extracted by enzymes, vitamins would be completely useless in performing their wondrous function.
  6. Enzymes are required for animals as well as humans. Their food is also processed, which in turn has destroyed the enzymes. Cows, horses and all grazing animals that are considered to be on a raw food diet are even more confronted with the lack of enzymes because of the chemicals used for fertilizers and the tremendous amount of synthetics that are commercially added as supplements to their diets.
  7. Enzymes cannot be duplicated by synthetic scientific means because they are life itself.
  8. A farmer would never cook his seeds before he planted them because he knows that cooked seeds are devoid of all life.
  9. Eating enzyme destroyed (cooked) foods has been linked to obesity. Foods that are enriched with enzymes will aid the body to reach and maintain its normal weight and firmness.
  10. To say that the body can easily digest and assimilate cooked foods may someday prove to be the most grievous oversight yet committed by science. (Quote by Dr. Edward Howell.)
  11. Not to realize that most, if not all, degenerative diseases are traceable to a common denominator, and that common denominator being the food that we eat for nourishment, is an insult to human intelligence.
  12. Nutritional value of food can no longer just be contented by calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, because none of these contents can be properly assimilated without their active enzymes. Enzymes have now been shown to be an associated member of food contents, along with vitamins and minerals.
  13. More and more physicians are now employing enzymes as supplemental dietary substances in replacement therapy, parallel with vitamin and mineral therapy.
  14. Research has been proven, conclusively, that cooked food (lacking raw enzymes), even when fortified with organic vitamin and mineral supplements, failed to aid, significantly, in the prevention of diseases, when compared with an unfortified diet.
  15. Without the proper enzymes the pancreas, salivary glands, stomach and intestines must come to the rescue and furnish these mandatory enzymes by robbing the valuable reserve of the muscles, nerves, blood and other glands. This extra activity can be destructive. In almost all cases researched, the pancreas of disease victims were all in a state of atrophy.
  16. Dr. Edward Howell, in his more than 50 years of documented research has concluded it is extremely possible that every known degenerative disease may have its origin because of the enzyme deficiency.
  17. Food maintains life. It is the condition of that food that will determine the body’s ultimate capability to maintain maximum health and normal longevity.