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An Apple A Day…Is Good Health InsuranceBy FACT

Wouldn’t you like to know?

Actually this not so difficult a question to answer. Many times you have told your Doctor what you thought it was. Reminds me of a recent story Dr. Alvarez told while he was young and starting in Mayos’ diagnostic clinic at Rochester. He said several doctors had examined this farmer, but all were confused, so Doctor Alvarez asked the farmer whether he knew what caused his trouble. And sure enough, it proved to be the right answer.

However, it is also true and I have heard just these words spoken by a doctor who was asked, “Doc, what causes my headaches?” To which the doctor answered: “I wish that I knew”. (That is pathetic).

When one reads the answers which the Newspaper doctors give, one realizes and see that there is much disagreement and variance of opinions. The writer feels, that he makes so many claims for homeopathy, that homeopathic remedies, can relieve and cure diseases, that no other therapy can lay claim to, but please do not call it over-optimism. If I do not put my point over and make my claim stick, to your satisfaction, call me on such statement for more proof.

Homeopathy has its specific answer to what causes disease. At first permit me to show this by a roundabout deduction. While taking my Intern training, a fellow intern developed distressing abdominal pain. Several of the chief surgeons were consulted. One said appendix, one colon, one gall bladder or kidney. I took the case to our chief in homeopathic medicine, asking for a remedy. After considering all of the symptoms, he said China off, is the remedy. I returned to my friend and said, now I know what your disease is. He was surprised when I said gall bladder. That remedy indicated liver and gall bladder disease, and proved correct. To further emphasize that homeopathy does have an explanation for disease, I will quote some lines from Dr. Alonzo Shadman’s book: Who is your Doctor and Why. (Excellent reading) He writes: “I had always believed, that disease was a thing, a definite entity, something that had to be killed by strong medicine.” That seemed the concept of most doctors. They also thought, that if a medicine was expensive, it must be good, also that it had to be powerful. “All my life,” Dr. Shadmann says, “I had heard about germs causing disease, and that good germ killers were the sure cure. During my practice, however, I observed that things did not work out. I noticed that people were not cured, and not even helped by using germicides. I saw cases of malaria cured by a few infinitesimal doses of homeopathic medicines, when large doses of quinine given to kill the plasmodium germs, failed to cure. I saw cases of typhoid cured with unbelievable small doses of the indicated homeopathic medicine, when it was the style in regular medicine to give the patient strong and large doses, as salol, thus hoping to kill the typhoid germ, only to have many patients die under that treatment. I saw many cases of pneumonia cured, with small doses of the homeopathic remedies, so small that the pneumococcus could not possibly be influenced in the slightest degree. I personally have never lost a case of pneumonia in my half century of practice and I never used anything but homeopathic remedies”. That is a terrific valuable and also confirmatory evidence for Homeopathy.

Dr. Shadmann further says: “In my hospital I saw hundreds of cases of septic wounds clear up quickly under treatment, not using those violent germ killers. Considering all these facts, there was but one conclusion which I could arrive at, germs are not the cause of disease, that goes for viruses too. What other conclusion could any intelligent person come to? It took, however, many years of observation, evaluation, and study, to jolt these erroneous ideas regarding germs from my head. Other students did not take kindly to this philosophy of disease, and its cures by homeopathy, it violated all their preconceived ideas! Homeopathy cures the whole person’s weakness, raises the vital energy so the body itself can fight the infection or disease, then by observing the laws of nature, the patients must correct their eating and drinking habits and other excesses.”

That now takes us to Hahnemann. In his Organon, paragraph 11, Hahnemann postulates: “In sickness, the spirit-like, vital force of our body is deranged, upset, disturbed by harmful (morbific) influences, which damage or upset the life force or vital energy of our body.” This is a very broad statement of disease, or cause of disease which could even include the germ theory, not yet known at Hahnemann’s time. Hahnemann’s greatet proving ground, was a cholera epidemic. It was recognized that this was a morbific agency, meaning harmful disease producing material, very harmful and damaging to the vital or life force of the body, so causing the disease of cholera. When this challenge came to him, to use his small doses, it was a terrific challenge, life or death! This could make or break him. Hahnemann was so assured that his Law of Similia would work. It did work and he made medical history.

This is an example of how involved the cause of disease can be. Many causes can be found, and it may not always be possible to give a positive answer. To the homeopath, the answer comes differently and more readily than to the germ hunter. His symptom logical investigation gives the detail or the breakdown of the body’s function. From that, one can see, what it was that caused the Vital Force to deteriorate. Take the symptom of headache. Pain is caused by congestion. Congestion may be from nerve tension, from toxic substances, from bad digestion, most likely of all.

Any substance or force which would pressure or upset the vital force, or life’s energy, will cause disease. Take as examples the excesses of alcohol, smoking, wrong eating, irritating foods or bad mixtures, or too much of one lcind or too much of all. Also the abuse of the vital forces, by excesses, wrong moral living, wrong mental attitude. Whenever a disease manifests itself, our question should be, now what caused this? As in the case of a gall bladder attack. Now what caused me to get this attack. This has to be related to eating or drinking. And do not try to sweep this under the rug. It will not work, nature proceeds to give vivid, impressive reminders, finally exposes you to a climax or even death. Once your vital force complains to you, I am hurting, I am being mistreated, you better listen.

There always has to be a cause. Look for it, and make a correction; then the curative remedy will have a chance to rebuild the damaged organ. So, you can see that the cause of disease is usually, reasonable to find, it we use sensible judgment.