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Your Healing CrisesBy Edward L. Carl, N.D., HMD

“Give me the power to create a fever and I can cure anything.” Hippocrates.

Imagine that you have just purchased a large house which some ignorant people had filled with garbage and filth in every nook and cranny. Now you will start to clean the house, removing the garbage from one room at a time. It might take you as much as a week or a month to clean one room and in the process you might run into some problems such as a damaged floor or contaminated wall which would require disinfecting and rebuilding. Some rooms would be fairly easy to clean, and others would be quite difficult presenting serious problems.

Your own body has a similar problem when you embark upon a natural healing nutrition and supplement program. Nature begins to houseclean the garbage and waste accumulated during many years of ignorant wrong eating and living. Some garbage foods like white flour, sugar, pasteurized milk, cooked oils and greases, leave sticky garbage waste deposits in the organs and blood vessels and often cause serious damage to vital organs. As soon as you give Nature the opportunity she will start housecleaning and rebuilding, but with her great wisdom she will adapt a cleaning program to suit your individual needs and capabilities.


For example, if you have only a small amount of detoxification you may be cleaned out with a few days of fever, diarrhea, and flu type sickness. This is Nature’s housecleaning of your body, by which toxins and waste are removed so that healing can proceed. Other varieties of housecleaning are found in nausea, colds, bronchitis, sinusitis or rashes, etc. In cases where there are large amounts of toxins. Nature may give periodic housecleaning over a period of weeks, months, or even years. Your job, then, is to understand that these are Nature’s healing house cleaners, and to cooperate fully by helping Nature with such natural therapies as colon irrigations.


Having myself had cancer, twice, diabetes, asthma, sinusitis, and hermorrhoids, I have experienced quite a number of Nature’s housecleanings. Needless to say most of these crises are not entirely pleasant experiences, but you can learn to appreciate them more when you realize what Nature is doing and trust her to do the job in the way she knows to be best for you.

Now you should be able to realize that a cold or flu is a blessing in disguise. Nature is flushing out and burning out waste through mucous membranes and in thus doing is saving you from cancer or other much more serious toxin sickness. Of course it is better to live according to the natural laws so your body will not need even the little house cleanings. In my own case I can remember years of frequent colds and sinusitis, but now for the past 15 years I seem to be immune to these little problems, even in cold wet climates such as during 2 years I spent in Chicago.

To help you better to understand the healing crisis let me give a few little examples. When I myself had cancer the second time I had painful lumps on both breasts and in the lymph glands under my arms. For almost 2 months I followed a strict vegetarian raw food cleansing diet with the exception of a few steamed vegetables 2 or 3 times weekly. There was no apparent improvement in my condition until I developed a high fever. Knowing that this was the healing crisis I had been waiting and working for I was happy to have it and for 2 days and 2 nights I rested, burning with this high fever, and taking only some water and lemon for nourishment. On the morning of the third day I awoke to find the fever gone. Then I checked to see what effect it had had on my many lumps. To my surprise every single one had vanished, dissolved by the body’s marvelous healing forces during that wonderful fever.


Another time, I can remember well, took place after I had been living on a strict raw food diet of nuts and seeds, vegetables and juices, and fruits for 6 months. I thought that by then I must be quite clean inside, in spite of years of wrong eating previously. But Mother Nature knew better. Suddenly one day I started with profuse diarrhea with gallons of the foulest smelling liquid pouring out of me during the next 3 days while I burned with a fever of 104. Where was this foul liquid coming from? Certainly not from the raw seeds, nuts, vegetables, juices, and fruits of the past months. It had to be cellular waste from years past which Nature had now chosen to clean out. During 3 days I lost 10 pounds in weight and afterward felt so clean and rejuvenated that, I believe, that healing crisis added 10 years to my life. Often since I have wished that I had the power to repeat that experience.

Just as no two persons are exactly the same, or have exactly the same eating and living habits, no two healing crises are the same. Often the healing crisis will take the form of pains or sickness that the patient experienced in years past. Apparently during the long past sickness. Nature did not have an opportunity to produce a complete healing and cleansing so now she takes the time to complete the process. The patient must realize then that this is not a return of the former illness but instead a complete healing of this illness. Sometimes the crisis comes in the form of a strong cold, flu, a rash, boils, increase of arthritic pains, nausea, weakness, etc. If the patient understands that this is part of the healing process and will pass shortly, with a great increase of health, he will be a better patient and will not be tempted to turn back from Nature’s healing road to better health at the point when victory, is in sight.

Reprinted from Herald of Health.