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Whole Seeds for EnergyBy FACT

Dr. William Pelly writes in Herald of Health “whole- seeds and whole grains are an excellent source of energy. Any person who consumes the soaked grains will have an abundance of energy and health. When you eat the whole soaked grains, your body will generate an amazing youthful stamina and will give you vim and vigor because of higher potency of minerals and vitamins.”

Some time ago, we printed a thermos-cooked method for preparing the whole grains that retained all of the natural elements to obtain the highest nutritional value for best synergism.

If grains are ground or chopped, they lose some of their value through oxidation. And we all know that when ground, they tend to become rancid. But whole grains can survive for years if stored properly and when planted, will produce a live plant.

Dr. Pelly states that he has had a lot of success with his patients by using whole, soaked grains and raw vegetables and fruits in the diet. He likes his patients to have one fruit meal a day, preferably at suppertime. No wonder. The whole grains, properly prepared, are rich in minerals and vitamins, and retain their natural balance. Some of the minerals found in whole grains are iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorous, iodine, magnesium, as well as others. Food of this quality, with its amino acids, builds healthy cells for repair and maintenance of one’s health. These complex carbohydrates are a better source of roughage for good colon function than even fruit and vegetable fibers.

For those who did not get the recipe for thermos-cooked cereal when first printed, here are the instructions: Place 3 tablespoons of whole grains, one kind or any mixture, in a thermos. Pour in 1 cup of hot water, let stand overnight or for about 8 hours. Raisins or dates can be soaked with the grains for flavor or raw honey or maple syrup (processed without formaldehyde) may be added. Bananas or other fruit in season make the cereal even more wholesome. For some people who prefer a less chewy or need a more finely ground food, the grains can be blended just before serving without losing any nutritional value.

When one observes the natural order of life, the rewards are better health and a more relaxed body.