Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy
Non-Toxic Biological Approaches to the Theories,
Treatments and Prevention of Cancer

Our 53rd Year

Our Health Platform By James C. Jackson

In order to live free from sickness and die from old age, we need only to understand and obey the laws upon which life and health depend. Therefore, as spiritual beings, as well as advocates of a new medical philosophy, we believe in the following:

  1. That sickness is no more necessary than sin.
  2. That human beings should live healthfully as well as righteously, as the gospel demands.
  3. That within the sphere in which they are designed to operate, physical laws are as sacred as moral laws, and that mankind is as truly bound to obey them.
  4. That obedience to the physical laws would do away with disease, and instead of an uncountable number of ailments, which smite them all along from infancy to mature manhoodcasualties asidepersons would die of old age.
  5. That in order to be cured of any diseaseno matter whatone needs simply to be brought within the range of operations of the laws of his organism, and to be so related to them that they can work unobstructedly, and he cannot fail to get well.
  6. Therefore, the only sound philosophy upon which to proceed to treat the sick with a view to their restoration to health, is to employ such means and only such, had they been properly used, would have kept them from getting sick.

Such are our principles and we respectfully commend them to the consideration of the people, and entreat the wise and good to assist us in their promulgation.

– James C. Jackson, M.D. The Laws of Life and Journal of Health