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Our 53rd Year

My Case HistoryBy Ben Krotin

Although this article was written in 1960, Mr. Krotin sent it to CANCER FORUM this year. The material he used to cure his cancer could still be obtained if our Food & Drug Administration would allow proper clinical trials instead of hounding people who supply material. At a time when cancer has reached epidemic proportions, no logical treatment should be ignored or discredited without a thorough examination. It is certainly incumbent upon our government institutions to use their resources, financial or otherwise, to examine Mucorhicin without bias and with an understanding of how biological substances perform.

Mr. Krotin no longer lives on Vyse Avenue.

This is the story of a Cancer of the Left Lung, from which I was supposed to die last year. Instead, I returned to work this year (1960).

My name is Ben Krotin and I live at 1698 Vayse Avenue, Bronx 60, New York. I will be glad to verify all the facts in this piece, should anyone who may be reading it want to question the following statements.

In May, 1959, I entered Bronx Hospital with a fever of 105 degrees, pneumonia, and pleurisy. In June 1959, after two biopsies and 35 x-rays, my family was told I had cancer, that surgery was useless, and that I could not possibly live longer than six months, since the cancer had spread throughout my left lung. Meanwhile, I went from 160 to 130 pounds, was unable to digest an adequate amount of food, and I was incapable of speech.

My brother, Jack, desperately trying to save me, began research work of his own on independent methods for treating cancer. He first read ?A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH,? by Herbert Bailey. He communicated with the Independent Cancer Research Foundation in New York, which sent him literature on how Krebiozen could be obtained by a doctor. Jack found it very difficult to get Krebiozen for me, so turned to another treatment which the Independent Cancer Research Foundation had written up in bulletin form. This was called Mucorhicin.

On June 19, I was taken out of the Bronx Hospital and entered a private hospital, where a new doctor gave me Mucorhicin, injections and capsules. By the time I left, on July 28, my weight had improved, my digestion had improved, and I was able to speak for many minutes without gasping.

Various members of my family, unable to believe my progress could continue, brought me to another doctor who stated: (1) ?Improper Diagnosis.? (2) ?Your doctor is a quack.? ; (3) Krebiozen, Mucorhicin and Antineol are the works of mercenary quacks.?

I got angry and asked: “Louis Pasteur, Dr. Semmelweis, Elizabeth Kenny, were they mercenary quacks?!?

Well, to return to the present, x-rays show a complete clearing of the lung which x-rays had originally shown to be filled with cancer. Nevertheless, I still take Mucorhicin, and thanks to Mucorhicin, I now work and play like any average 40year-old.

X-Ray Registry

The human system is being bombarded with nuclear-medicine procedures and x-rays for dental and medical purposes without any records being kept on the amount of radiation exposure, although dangerous levels have been established. The U.S. Department of Energy, which controls occupational radiation, restricts doses to 3 rem a quarter or 5 rem a year to the whole body, gonads, red-bone marrow, and blood-forming organs. Licensed nuclear-medicine radiologists may not give a patient more that 1.25 rem in any quarter, or 5 rem in any year unless they know a patient’s lifetime cumulative dose.

Dr. Leonard Kreisler, medical director of Reynolds Electrical & Engineering Co., Inc., prime contractors to the U.S. Department of Energy in the Las Vegas office of the Nuclear Underground Test Program, has proposed that a record-keeping system be established from birth to death to insure to the degree possible the safety of people exposed to radiation.

He points out that there are hidden areas of exposure to radiation which cannot be controlled: A coal miner can get radiation from gasses emitted in the mining process, or airline pilots are subject to cosmic radiation at high altitudes. Some examples of measurable radiation for you to make comparisons are: A four-scan skull series on a CT scanner uses a dose equivalent to the amount allowable for two years and a single dose of radioiodine for a thyroid scan is equal to 24 times the maximum annual allowable exposure.

Since the suggestion for a radiation registry might be debated to death or not considered at all, perhaps the reader might be wise and keep his or her own record. It should be easy to ask what the rems are of your dentist, radiologist or X-ray technician. Remember, the maximum allowable radiation dosage is 5 rem per year!