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Beware: Aluminum PoisoningBy Edward L Carl, ND, HMD

Some common kitchen items may be slowly poisoning you and your family.

There are reams of articles and books documenting the toxicity of aluminum when in contact with food and water in cooking utensils, aluminum foil, baking powder, etc. Those who wish to pursue the documentation may write to HEALTH RESEARCH, Mokelumne Hill, Calif., for a listing of publications on this subject.

Since orthodox medicine and literature claim that aluminum is non-toxic, it is well to periodically warn the natural health disciples of the aluminum-poisoning dangers, so that they may guard against it. Like other commercialized dangers, it is quite sneaky and busy with gimmicks to lull you into the false belief that the danger is nonexistent. Now let me illustrate with a personal story.

Some 25 years ago I was cured of cancer, asthma, diabetes, sinusitis, and hemorrhoids via natural therapies. Since then, I must strictly follow a wonderful natural way of living in order to survive and maintain the natural health which was given to me so many years ago.

About 12 years ago while strictly following my natural nutrition and living program, I was surprised to notice some discomfort in my stomach. Thinking that is was something which would quickly pass with a bit of natural therapy, I confidently took some soothing herbal teas and other natural medications. But instead of passing, the discomfort proceeded to increase until after a few weeks it was a constant gnawing pain and I could detect a small lump at the site of the pain.

Needless to say, I was quite concerned about the possibility of a recurrence of my cancer. Frantically I tried every natural therapy I could think of – from colon irrigations to partial juice fasts – with no noticeable results. Then while praying one night, the thought came to my mind that somehow this pain and lump were connected with my daily breakfast of what I call a superseed cereal. This consists of a combination of sesame, sunflower, flax, and pumpkin seeds, and almonds ground fresh in a nut mill and then blended in a blender with distilled water and a bit of honey and pure

vanilla extract. I could not understand how this wonderful seed cereal, one of my main sources of natural live protein, could be any cause of my problem, but I immediately suspended it from my diet program, replacing it with an all-fruit breakfast.

Even on the first day without the cereal I felt a sense of relief, as if the pain and lump which were still present had at least stopped growing and were starting to diminish. During the next week I drank at least a pint of freshly pressed wheat-grass juice daily and by the end of the week there was not a trace of pain or lump. What a blessed relief I felt as I thanked the good Lord for this new healing.

But then I began to think of how the great super-seed cereal which had helped me successfully for many years had suddenly become a poison for my system. Now reflecting calmly without the pressure of the pain and lump, I remembered that at about the time the pain had begun, the nut mill I had been using to grind the seeds for many years broke down. Therefore at that time I replaced the broken nut mill with a new one which I purchased at the health food store. The thought flashed into my mind that the new mill might have an aluminum bowl. But I had never even considered that possible, trusting that the health food store would never handle such a product. However, I took out

What a different world this would be if all drug stores, hospitals, doctors, and insecticide companies plus the light and power companies were all owned and managed by sincere people unwilling to sell anything harmful for any price.

the new nut mill, and not finding any label stating the composition of any of the parts, I proceeded to apply what I call the Kleenex test.

First I cleaned the bowl of the mill thoroughly and then I rubbed it vigorously in one spot-with .a piece of white Kleenex. Since aluminum is a soft metal, it will rub off on the Kleenex, turning the white paper to a silver-grey color, and this is what happened as I repeated the test several times to be certain. So here was the answer. Each morning as I ground my seeds in the mill, they scraped off enough aluminum to give me a delicious aluminum-poisoned seed cereal for my breakfast. No wonder my problem began then, and thank God I discovered the cause in time.

That same day I returned the mill to the health food store and told the owner of my discovery. He too was surprised since he had bought it from his health food distributor. He was most grateful for my discovery because, as he said, he was in business to help people get well and stay well naturally and not to make them sick with aluminum poisoning. He exchanged the mill for another brand which had a stainless steel bowl and returned all of his stock of the aluminum bowl brand to his distributor. As a sequel I wrote of my experience to a national health magazine which was carrying an advertisement for the aluminum bowl brand and they immediately investigated and stopped carrying this advertisement for the same reason the health store owner stopped selling the aluminum bowl mill. It was comforting to find business people sincerely interested in helping people to natural health and thus unwilling to knowingly sell any product which could produce sickness. What a different world this would be if

Since aluminum is a soft metal, it will rub off on the Kleenex, turning the white paper to a silver-grey color.

all drug stores, hospitals, doctors, and insecticide companies plus the light and power companies were all owned and managed by sincere people unwilling to sell anything harmful for any price.

Of course with a new nut mill with a stainless steel bowl, I was able to return to my morning breakfast of super-seed cereal with all of the good results I had experienced in the years previous.

So you can see it pays to beware of aluminum poisoning by making certain that you do not use any aluminum product in contact with any food, even in boiling water for tea. Include in this warning the use of aluminum foil for wrapping food (yogurt has been known to eat holes through such foil as the acid from the yogurt dissolved the soft aluminum) and also aluminum fruit juice squeezers and garlic presses. If you love your neighbor as yourself, you will not even be willing to give such items away to an unsuspecting person who might suffer sickness as a result.