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Fats and Oils By William Dobson, N.D.

Nature has placed in the avocado, the ripe olive, the sunflower seed, the walnut, pecan and other nuts, oils for the cells of the body that are far superior to all other oils in several ways.

We will consider some of these superior qualities in this article; one of the most important is that they are carriers of OXYGEN and have anti-rancidity components. Also, they contain in themselves vital elements that the cells must have to form and restore themselves.

They contain essential oils for the heart and all the muscles of the body. They have important factors necessary for childbirth.

Best of all, they can be eaten raw and have a delicious taste.

I have often wondered how many of the readers of the Herald of Health have been to the woods and gathered black walnuts or wild hazel nuts. We gathered the black walnuts while they were still green and carried them home in gunny sacks and ran them through the corn sheller or pounded the hulls off with a hammer and then pumped much water with the hand pump to wash them of the stain. Our hands were stained yellow brown for days and we waited in anticipation for the walnuts to dry and cure out a little so we could eat them. Rich and oily with a very wonderful flavor like nothing else in the world.

Most folks have never tasted a really ripe olive picked from the tree when it has that rich concentrated taste which only a real ripe olive has. Even those who raise them do not seem to know they will be ripe and edible without being processed with lye and salt. The great Italian people pick them and dry them or put them down in a little fresh oil, perhaps with a little garlic for flavor or other herbs. They have a strong taste, yes, but they are able to deliver flavor to other foods and, best of all, are an unsaturated emulsified food that is a very superior food in many ways. The raw olive is far superior to meat in high-quality protein with none of the harmful substances present in meat.

The pecan, which is a relative of the walnut and closely related to it, is also an emulsified oil food along with the other nuts and the sunflower seed. These juices contain lecithin, that very wonderful emulsifier of fats in the body.

True, soybeans, peanuts and other legumes

and the germ of wheat and corn contain emulsified oils, but they are locked in by nature in such a way that they must be cooked or processed in some way to get them out, and by the time the lecithin, protein, carbohydrates and roughage are removed what is left is not an unsaturated oil and is no longer emulsified, and the bile and other enzymes cannot break it down for use in the body.

Metabolic Action

Strange that the creator made us so that it requires some oil to be present in a food for a carbohydrate to be metabolized in the body. When the body has presented to it foods that lack essential oils, the body system tries to make them from starches. These body-made oils or fats do not contain lecithin and do not make a good fuel to burn or metabolize other starches. These fats made from starches and sugars are in evidence on peoples’ stomachs and posterior parts and are not made up of the essential oils of the nuts and raw seeds. These mountains of fat are a sign of degeneration of the body and trouble coming in the near future.

Fresh, Raw Foods

Wheat and corn are very delicate carriers of these essential oils, though nature never intended man to eat them in large quantities.

How many have ever gone to the field and eaten wheat in the milk stage and made a meal of it? Not many. When I was a boy I ate green wheat but not much. Though I have gone to the garden and made a meal of fresh golden sweet corn, fresh picked and uncooked. It contained a truly superior oil and was very delicious, but man must try to improve upon the creator’s work, cook it and cover it with a plastic spread of some kind.

Oxygen is life to the body . . . but cannot be used by the cells until it is carried to them from the lungs via the blood. These plastic spreads will not keep their body and remain stiff unless they are pumped full of a gas called hydrogen. Hydrogen is at the other end of the chemical scale from oxygen and has all the opposite effects of oxygen. These hydrogen-filled fats will not turn rancid and are a lifeless plastic grease. In Mexico, where we run a number of free clinics for the poor, it is called “Manteca.” These plastic greases are not usable by the body to build cells successfully, as the body cannot emulsify them. Destruction of the function of the liver and gall bladder always follows its use for any length of time.

Pork lard is a fat that has been built in the hog by its eating starches and other swill as they are available. This fat is mostly saturated, being very poor carriers of OXYGEN and is almost unusable by the body.

The many poor people of the deep south eat much corn and hog lard and do not live long on it. The coming of spring with the green stuff such as collards and the delicious fruit grown there save many lives, even though much of it is also cooked of all its life and oxygen.

Oxygen is life to the body. We breathe it all the time, but this oxygen cannot be used by the cells until it is carried to them from the lungs via the blood. Lecithin-filled oils, oxygen-filled oils must be present in the foods eaten or the body and brain cells cannot be restored properly and premature old age comes. We see it in Mexico all the time, even at the early age of twelve years and less. The mostly uncooked corn tortillas save them for a while, but lack of live vitamins, live minerals, live proteins, live sugar in fruits and live essential oils bring on aging at an early age. Most have cataracts starting at age 25, and also arthritis.

Dead Food

In some way which is not fully understood by anyone, some elusive factors are killed when foods are cooked. Proteins are changed enough to block their use and full utilization in the cells; carbohydrates are changed enough to soften them for digestion, but some elusive factors are lost that are needed in the body. Fats and oils are very much changed by heating and cooking and, at high temperatures such as French frying, etc., become carcinogenic or cancer forming.

In the United States I have visited homes where good fresh peas and corn or green beans were ruined by adding 1/4 lb. of plastic oleo spread to a small pan of them while cooking. These same people have asked me the question, “Are bananas fattening?” “I am afraid to eat them,” they say, and at the same time eating as much as 1/2 lb. of plastic oleo cooked in the food at one meal. Do you love that fat husband? Do not feed him these terrible body-destroying fats and greases; you will lose him soon enough without such foods.

A small bottle of oil usually lasts us three or four months and is usually used to oil pans in baking. Most oils we use otherwise are used to extract the vital parts of herbs for ear problems, or to inject into the prostate gland or other such problems. Very little is put on foods, salads, etc.

Do you want that perfect figure? Leave the fats and oils alone and the foods prepared with them. Foods cooked with grease are coated over and very hard to digest, they put mountains where firm flesh should be on your body. There are no girls in all the world more beautiful than in Mexico, but by the time they are 20 years old they are fat, beginning to look like mother; they call it “gordo” in Mexico. Mother may be 40 and look like 70.

The protruding, waterlogged, gas-filled abdomen testifies to the fact that saturated greases and unnatural cooked starches have been eaten, ruining the figure and causing premature aging. This is handed down to the children in gall bladder malfunction and future assimilation problems such as water-logging, diabetes, varicose veins, etc.

Many children and practically all of the adults over 20 have cataracts and arthritis and rheumatism here in this locality of Mexico.

Probably the best source of essential oils is found in sunflower seeds. We buy them at the co-op in Tucson by the 50 lb. sack, hulled and ready to eat, and keep them in the freezer for freshness. They make such a wonderful tasting milk that one has to be careful not to use too much of it, as they are high in protein also.

Black walnuts are not available here, though a farmer or two is now putting on the market giant paper shell pecans that sell for about $1.40 a pound which is out of the reach of most people, while hulled sunflower seeds cost about 70i a pound in the States.

Very large delicious avocados, when in season here, cost about 5 pesos per kilo, about 12i a pound. Truly the best butter for a child of God or a king.

Why not surprise your stomach or body by eating uncooked raw fruit for breakfast, uncooked dark green vegetables for lunch, raw fruit for supper, with perhaps a few ounces of raw seeds or nuts, a little primary food yeast for vitamins and a couple of spoons of soaked bran a day for that septic tank colon that is poisoning your whole body. Start today to live abundantly, with health and vigor to spare. Mothers, give your child an apple or orange instead of candy, pop or greasy corn and potato chips.

Many of the experts say that the coconut oil is a saturated oil. Perhaps it is by the time one gets it in the U.S.A, but the creator did not ever make anything suitable to eat in its natural state that would not go through the body safely and nourish it fully. Few in the U.S. have ever eaten green coconut meat or the thick milk in it which is about the thickness of soft custard and delicious to drink. In southern Mexico they will cut off the top of a coconut and hand it to you with a dirty straw to drink it with, for a peso or two. Bring your own straws.

Oil Extraction

The oil extraction business is a world-wide machine operation that has evolved into a large part of agriculture and manufacturing and is not at all like the old-time methods of obtaining oils. One method of extracting oils today is done with chemicals. The soybean, safflower seed, corn germ, etc., are ground up fine and mixed with chemicals which extract the oils from the seeds. Of course the seed is pressed out to obtain all the oil. This is called “cold pressed oil” which it is, but does not resemble plain pressed-out oil at all. The chemical is removed, as much as possible; then the juice is refined so that the lecithin and other “impurities” are removed, leaving a “pure oil” to sell to the public along with the expensive, very necessary lecithin and the heart oil, vitamin E.

Why not surprise your stomach or body by eating uncooked raw fruit for breakfast

Among other methods is the old one of heating the fragmented seeds and pressing the ground seeds out with giant rollers. Then it is refined to remove all the parts possible that were put there by nature. Lecithin, along with the other goodies put there by the creator, carries it through the body to the cells. These refined oils are assimilated and go right to the very places where they are not wanted and are very hard to remove once they are there. These “‘oils,” when heated enough to fry foods, are carcinogenic and certainly clog up the working of the liver and the gall bladder.

Where does fat do the least harm? Around the heart? No, there is plenty there. On the arms and legs? No, this person is not exercising much and it is not needed there. Here is the good old posterior part. This is as good a place as any. This lifeless saturated fat is stored away to later pick up all the poison sprays in the air via the lungs, sprays eaten in the commercial head lettuce and other vegetables. Penicillin and other drugs are stored until the time in the future when one loses weight or goes on a fast and these poisons are thrown into the body pool to kill one quickly or to make one deathly sick. Few can live through a long fast who have not watched their diet closely. Many lose their ability to digest foods as they get older through lack of teeth or digestive enzymes and naturally lose weight, causing the poisons to let loose into the body pool.

Usually these poisons destroy all life and one becomes another statistic, given out as heart failure; angina pectoris, etc., is the verdict, but the terrible fats and devitalized starches were the cause of death.

Years of training children is the only way one could get them to like such things as deadly French fries, potato chips, doughnuts and such greasy foods. These things are made with fats that are used over and over again. Here is one of the large causes of cancer. To add grease of any kind to good vegetables and cook it into them is one of the worst insults to the epithelial cells of the body and is second only to aspirin and other similar drugs.

Another method used in the past to extract oils was to first grind the seeds or olives, put them over a fire and cook them until the oil came to the top where it was skimmed off and strained through a cloth. When it was cold the oil was usable in many ways, but the heat had destroyed the flavor, the aromatic life of the oil, and it was a saturated fat.

Before the modern age, olives were about the only available source of edible fats and the olives were pretty well ripened on the tree before harvesting them. These were put in a press and the juice was pressed out. It was a golden green color and had much of the nourishment of the olive in it. All of the lecithin was there along with the water-emulsified oil. It was a very rich liquid, a far cry from the refined olive oil today. Very few have ever tasted such an emulsified liquid oil. Untold blessings were in the liquid, healing for .the stomach, softening of the dried up colon of many years of constipation, oil for the heart valves and replacement of the oil in the joint eroded away by age.

These golden oils were fully metabolized and used by the cells of the body to make new ones; the hair was brilliant and glossy.

We can all benefit by carefully monitoring the quantity and quality of our fats and oils. -Ed.

(Reprinted from the Herald of Health.)