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Treatments and Prevention of Cancer

Our 53rd Year

Systemic Thermotherapy Cancer Program By Dr. D. Cole

Clinical observations by multiple investigators throughout the world support the experimental data demonstrating that systemic thermotherapy is an effective form of cancer therapy.

It is now clear that heat selectively destroys cancer cells and that the effect is dependent on the temperature and time of heat exposure. This is of great, potential, clinical importance because this is a non-lethal, non-mutilating modality which may be used alone or combined with conventional therapies to increase clinical remissions and “cures.”

Since the problem of malignancy is most often a systemic rather than a local condition, it was our thesis that this technique could destroy cancer cells throughout the body without destruction of normal cells. This was accomplished using a water-filled blanket of a type similar to that developed by Dr. Robert Berman et al. Body temperature was raised to a level which would theoretically destroy cancer cells without harmful effects on normal cells. General anesthesia, as such, was not necessary.

Our experience to date corroborates the findings of others, namely, a dramatic result. in terms of local and systemic tumor effect, a dramatic remission in pain, improvement in well-being and appetite, an objective and subjective remission. It is our feeling that a generalized treatment is necessary since cancer kills usually on the basis of a generalized disease. In addition, our treatment, systemic thermotherapy, offers the theoretical advantage of not using radio waves which are potentially harmful to bone and perhaps other viscerae; and purely local rather than systemic in their effect.