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Clabber MilkBy FACT

Milk is not easily digested by most adults as they no longer produce the milk-digesting enzyme, lactase, which is needed for proper utilization of the milk. Clabbered milk, on the other hand, is similar to a pre-digested food, therefore, it is the better way of having whole milk, and the flora in clabbered milk is important for digestion. The milk is clabbered by allowing it to stand at normal room temperature until it curdles.

Dr. Bernard Jensen writes in his book, Vital Foods for Total Health, “The whey that comes from milk when it is separated, or the drippings after cheese has been made, is the highest sodium product known. Sodium is a dissolving fluid, the youth element. It is a natural food for the acidophilus, or friendly bacteria within the colon, and is one of the finest health drinks we can put into our bodies.”