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Body CleansingBy FACT

The following article came out of our files and we found it interesting enough to feel that it might be of use to our readers. Since there was no signature on it, we must state that we cannot assume any responsibility for the information but print it as information only. If any of our readers exercise their prerogative and try the cleansing program, we would like to hear from you so that we can inform other readers of your experience.

One of the easiest and best ways of going through a short period of body cleansing is to eat nothing but raw grapefruit or drink freshly pressed raw grapefruit juice for a period of two to four days. The acids in the grapefruit tend to dissolve toxic waste materials. Certain elements bound up with vitamin c in the grapefruit tend to bind certain toxic waste materials and aid in their elimination. Sometimes one is able to achieve diarrhea by using a certain amount of the grapefruit pulp instead of strained juice and this can be of great advantage because through the cramping action of the bowel many crevices and pockets in the intestines are cleansed of old waste materials. Also there seems to be a drawing of waste materials through the intestinal mucous lining by the violent peristalsis. Therefore, the poisons are eliminated through the kidneys and through the intestinal tract.

Also one may notice certain skin irritations or blemishes which may be toxic waste material brought via the blood stream to the skin surface for elimination. This is all good news. Many people who think they have an allergy against grapefruit are those that need the cleansing most, for the toxic body wastes are eliminated through the pores of the skin. These blemishes soon go away and the skin becomes clear again. Naturally some people are more toxic than others and there may be a longer period of skin eruptions. This is all of the more reason for cleansing now and again via the grapefruit or some other form of fruit or fruit juices.

If one wishes to avoid more violent cleansing one can use other fruits which do not dissolve and eliminate the waste so rapidly. Fruits that cleanse more rapidly are grapefruit, oranges and other citrus as well as fresh pineapple. The pear, the fresh prune, the apple, and the papaya are all good cleansers, but they are a little slower in their action. The papaya has an advantage of cleaning out certain protein waste in the bowel and is not so irritating. However, some irritation may be of value.

It is amazing how much debris the body can carry around, so if one is able at least once a month to take a short fast on grapefruit or grape fruit juice then one is on the road to a long and healthy life. During this period of body cleansing one should not get involved with business and if possible not even answer the telephone. It is wise to loaf and if at all possible a short walk in the fresh air is desirable at various periods during this cleansing program.

Using the sauna or some type of bath which will induce sweating is desirable. The skin will eliminate a vast amount of toxic waste material which is carried out by body perspiration. If one does not have access to the sauna which should be taken every day or every second day during the cleansing program, then one can soak in a hot tub of fresh water or some mineral water or even some bath essence such as pine needle essence. After the hot bath in which one should lie for at least 25 minutes then it might be desirable to take a glass of warm water which has the juice of a lemon or two in it. One should then be wrapped up in blankets to perspire for at least 40 minutes or longer. The bath water should be raised to at least 104° F near the end of the bath so that sweating will be induced when wrapped in blankets.

During this period of body cleansing on the grapefruit one should be sure that he is in fresh air as much as possible and keeps out of lint-filled rooms.

The basic plan during this cleansing program should be something as follows: Upon arising a large glass of lukewarm water followed about three quarters of an hour later with a large glass (8 to 12 oz.) of grapefruit juice. Then a total of four which means three more large glasses of grapefruit juice could be consumed during the day. One can always substitute fresh grapefruit eaten with a spoon for the grapefruit juice and this is desirable in many cases to increase the bowel cleansing through the broom action of the grapefruit segments.

No other food should be eaten during this period with the exception of perhaps some vitamin C tablets which contain rutin and the bioflavionoids. One could take up to 2000 or more mg per day of vitamin C which might greatly benefit this cleansing program.

Remember, it is essential not to eat any other food during this period and also to relax and not get involved with people and their problems. Taking a sun bath for 20 minutes per day can be of advantage, but one should be careful not to let one’s skin dry out and a little olive oil or something similar could be rubbed into the skin lightly during this sun bath.

One should have at least 8 hours sleep at night during the cleansing period and if at all possible one should sleep next to an open window. Best of all would be to sleep outside under shelter in the fresh air.