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Our 53rd Year

The Liver and CancerBy Kasper Blond, M.D., F.I.C.S.

“I’ve tried several biochemical treatments and biological methods including Enderlein’s method and the proteolytic method of Gaschler. In not one of these cases have I observed the disappearance of a palpable tumor. There is not the slightest doubt that their methods prolong the life of cancer patients and prevent suffering. Patients of such treatments limited to correct nutrition, live longer than those receiving routine surgery and or x-ray treatments.

“If the liver of a cancer patient is only partly functioning, biochemical treatments can prolong life, even if metastases are present. Even a damaged liver regenerates in the presence of proper nutrition. Proof of this statement comes from spontaneous cures of cancer patients with generalized cancer.

“Certain liver function tests are a more reliable indication of pre-cancerous and cancerous condition than biopsies. These tests indicating a disordered function of the liver are not specific for cancer and are present in all chronic nutritional disorders as well . . . An increase of the fasting blood sugar over 90 mg.% is always a sign of a pre-cancerous disorder. The number of tests indicating that cancer is a general disease is constantly increasing and no scientist today can seriously consider cancer as a local disease.

“The estimations of calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium according to Keupold (1945), are valuable indicators of cancer. The normal value of cholesterin is between 120 and 140 mg. Any permanent increase in these values is suspect. The presence of the proteus bacillus in the stool is, according to Baumgartl (1954) a valuable indicator of cancer disease. In the course of biochemical treatment of cancer, absence of the proteus indicates improvement. If a patient has less than 10 mg.% of vitamin C in his blood, one is justified in sUspecting cancer. Supporters of the early diagnosis of cancer do not realize that the appearance of a local tumor occurs at a very late phase in the course of the cancer disease.

“Anyone who has studied the results of correct feeding of the cancer patient must be impressed by the number of chemical blood-changes in the course of the disease. The adherents of orthodox teachings consider a special cancer diet to be absurd, but if cancer is taken to be the late effect of wrong nutrition, dieting becomes of the greatest importance.

“The diet of a cancer patient should only contain 1 gram protein per kilogram of body weight. No animal muscles or organ proteins should be taken, especially in advanced stages of cancer. The best source of protein is sour milk – the milk protein should be sour since the production of -hydrochloric acid of cancer patients is in disorder. Thus cottage cheese and yogurt are preferable . . . Fattened cattle, pork, duck, goose, eel, and carp are forbidden. Margarine too, insufficient amount of unsaturated fatty acids . . . it disturbs bio-oxidation. Zabel recommends linseed, sunflower and other plant oils.

“The problem of cancer must be considered an insoluble medical problem, because it is essentially a nutritional and social problem; in other words a problem of prevention. Such a problem cannot be solved by animal experiments, vaccines and drugs. Prevention would be possible if the millions now spent on animal experiments on drugs, operations, and x-ray treatments in the hospitals, could be used for the control of food production, preservation and distribution. Finally, statisticians, pathologists, biochemists and doctors CANNOT solve social problems.

“I believe the temporary beneficial results from x-ray treatments, from sera and vaccines, from cytostatic and proteolytic ferments are due to the destruction of foreign globulins circulating in the blood serum of cancer patients. It is possible to keep cancer patients alive for a longer period by setting free proteolytic ferments than by mutilating operations. Irradiation destroys billions of white cells, setting free proteolytic ferments which dissolve the tumor. The generally accepted period of five years after operation, considered as proof of a cancer cure, could be easily prolonged by a more intensive propaganda for earlier diagnosis and operation, since a great number of these patients are in a pre-cancerous phase and would never enter the phase of a real cancer.

“Such methods as the one developed by Papanicolaou for early diagnosis have no purpose or value other than to mislead statisticians, surgeons and x-ray experts about the disastrous results of the routine methods.

“The majority of cancer patients treated with biochemical methods die suddenly, not as a result of toxins produced by cancer cells, as is generally believed and accepted, but from cardiovascular failure at the moment when the damaged liver ceases to supply adequate fuel to the heart muscle.

“In the present state of our knowledge no reliable method of curing a damaged liver or its effects is known, because we have no means of restoring the function of a severely damaged liver.”