Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy
Non-Toxic Biological Approaches to the Theories,
Treatments and Prevention of Cancer

Our 53rd Year

A Personal Testimony By Irene King, R.N.

Members of this Assembly, I’m delighted to share with you today my story If I appear emotional I know you’ll understand when this speech is concluded. But if it helps one person it will be worth my anxiety.

Cancer Can Be Cured! How in the name of heaven can it be done? No one has been able to break the barriers. But it can be done. It will be done!

HOW? By us-the little people-yes-the same so-called little people who finally after thousands of lives were lost on both sides unjustly bitter feelings internationally, we single-handedly stopped the Vietnam War!

We did it as peacefully as possible by our protests, demonstrations, outrage and pressure on our leaders. We wanted peace for ourselves and all others and we achieved it!

Once we unite for something we know is right Americans, by our heritage, have always been capable of achieving great strides and goals and we always will!

We, the people again in 1974 for the first time in U.S. history forced the Congress, Senate, State Legislators to end once and for all the lying, cheating, hypocrisy and fraud by our Government Leaders. It was done again peacefully, but forcefully. It was done by telephone, telegrams, mailgrams, and yes even threats not on lives but on jobs for people who wanted to represent us. These same beings who wanted us to swallow untruths BUT! alas they had to listen to their constituents. We wanted something that was promised to us years ago TRUTH and JUSTICE. We had HAD it and within two weeks we saw a transformation that will never be forgotten ever by anyone!

What is it then do we ask ourselves today? How in the name of Heaven has all of this to do with cancer and it’s ultimate and complete cure the answer is simple. We’ve tolerated it! We haven’t had enough? or have we?

Many of us hear or know of someone who has cancer and hope to God it doesn’t happen to us or our loved ones-but there are few families today who haven’t been touched by it to some degree.

Two years ago I could never have spoken to you this way. I couldn’t have even addressed a kindergarten class let alone a large assembly such as this. But something happened two years ago I had a great life–a fantastic husband eight lovely, healthy children a beautiful home. I can’t remember being as happy as I was at that time. So what can I say to you or anyone today that might help you. Hopefully ONLY to tell you my own personal story.

On October 5, 1974 my great husband died of cancer. How? Why? He came home from work as usual at 6:00 P.M. feeling hot “Too hot” (his words)–and his throat was aching and sore. It was St. Patrick’s Day and he was upset because Joe King always thought that that day was his day to really celebrate everything good that had happened or was about to happen and he felt badly that he had to take two aspirins, some Vicks Cough Syrup and go to bed instead of his green beer and gathering with his friends at the Irish Pub.

While he rested I called our doctor who was not on call that evening and the doctor who was did not diagnose or prescribe over the phone especially to someone he didn’t know or had never seen. He told me to take my husband to the lab the next day for blood tests and a chest x-ray. March of ’74 was atrocious for pneumonia, flu and all sorts of nasty viruses, and so we did all that was advised. This is preventative medicine! Two days later the same doctor called me. Mrs. King, I don’t know how to tell you this (many of you have heard these very same words, again and again). “There is something suspicious on your husband’s right lung and he must be hospitalized immediately for a Broncoscopy and a biopsy to see if surgery is indicated.” He went on, of course, to say it could also be a shadow indicating pneumonia or a lung infection trying so hard to reassure me. However, neither my husband nor I were too worried. We didn’t even tell the children it could be anything too serious. Daddy was going to the hospital for a few days for tests x-rays, a check up and rest. Besides, how could it be serious? He was too healthy a strapping 185 lbs., six foot fine man. He lived too intelligently no overeating drinking or smoking. We actually joked about it. He would rest a few days and then we would go to Florida the first of April as we had planned. Needless to say, we didn’t go to Florida in April or ever again.

The first week in April his right upper lobe of his lung was removed. The doctor was elated in the preliminary testing. The Broncoscopic examination showed a small quarter sized tumor which was in his opinion contained. It would be removed and Joe would be home in ten days to two weeks. We thanked GOD we were so grateful so fortunate and so much in love.

The day of surgery came. I arrived at the hospital accompanied by my sister. I ran to his room. He kissed and hugged us. He was silly from the medication that was given prior, to our arrival. He’d see us in a couple of hours. He smiled and waved to everyone as he was wheeled to the operating room.

Five hours later, after pacing the floor, drinking too much coffee, chatting about nonsense with my sister, it dawned on me! Dear GOD-NO-Not us, we don’t deserve it! Being a registered nurse myself and my sister one also, we knew when there is good news in surgery they can’t wait to tell you when it’s bad they prolong it as long as possible.

My sister tried to reassure me maybe they didn’t get started on time maybe the anesthesiologist had some difficulty but her arguments were useless. They couldn’t convince me no way.

When I saw the surgeon summon us in the lounge I knew I’ll never forget his face–those sad, sad, eyes. His voice groping for the right words. The cancer was NOT CONTAINED it had escaped into the lymphatic system which meant within six months to a year it could enter any main organ and strike, again. Maybe with cobalt and chemotherapy he could live maybe even two years-TWO YEARS-I couldn’t believe it! Our little son was only three and one half. He couldn’t leave you, she wouldn’t. My own reaction was unreal, I was quiet numb, shocked How would I tell him the children our families? Fortunately, I found this task quite comfortable and easy. I’d do it the same way the doctor did answer questions simply give as little information as possible–don’t volunteer anything else-And it worked, it still does for a lot of people. I played a role as many of you do. In fact, it worked so well the Academy Award should have been granted to me that year. But now back to my husband. After 50 cobalt treatments much despair, nausea vomiting-A 60 pound weight loss he started the road back to recovery. He gained back all his weight and most of his strength. He ate everything and anything. But most of all he took time to love me more much more and the children were delighted to have Dad home all the time he took long walks and rides with them, discussed important issues with the older ones and seemed to thrive on his new life. He knew he had received a miracle. He would go back each month for a check-up and come out smiling. We did it-We did it! I’m all right I’m well forever! Forever lasted six months exactly. He lost control of his left side my first reaction “My God he’s had a stroke.” Wrong again. Brain cancer only a little though the size of a pin-head. The surgeons could operate and in two weeks he’d be home and well.

This time I spoke loudly, I prodded and insisted that he at least have a tumor specialist called in. Her consultation with us was honest and open. In her opinion if the cancer was in two places it most probably was in four-No surgery-he’d live longer with drugs and therapy.

But the surgeons weren’t discouraged. They assured my husband with his fantastic ability to recuperate he’d beat it this time as before.

I begged him not have the surgery. Go to a larger hospital and acquire more opinions. No, No, No – get it over with so he could come home and hopefully go back to work and lead a normal family life, again.So, it was done! Six weeks of intensive care and two weeks of general care I brought home a body that I would nurse and care for. He would no longer be my friend, lover, husband, or father to our children, but a vegetable who didn’t even know our names. God knows how we all survived I don’t. Six weeks later he was rushed back to the hospital with grand mal epileptic seizures then three months of a command finally Death. Thank God, Thank God, End of suffering for all of us.

Will I ever be the same? I hope not! No longer will a doctor tell me what he will do what I will do, what to say, what not to say-Oh No-I did all the right nice things and asked the minimum of questions and believe me that’s just what they want. Don’t make waves I believed them, I trusted them, I responded just as they’d hoped I would. “I did nothing;” I didn’t call a cancer center, I didn’t ask anyone if there was any other treatments available, why should I? They don’t hold back anything-They’re going to tell you everything-If you believe this-run to the nearest exit! -because what I’m going to share with you now is so unreal-even as I think about it-I’m amazed-I’m able to talk, think, keep house, take care of the children, cook, shop, do volunteer work go wherever I can to help those in need WHY?

Because my twenty year old daughter was diagnosed before my husband had been dead a year as having “malignant lymphoma” stopping this disease is like trying to stop the wind. It can’t be done except by Divine Intervention which I would never rule out in our case or in any of yours. You may ask me why I haven’t taken her to all the clinics and large cancer centers or for nontoxic therapy, I can’t, She’s married and I can’t control her life or her marriage, and she too believes her doctor. If he told her to stand on her head, which is completely void of any hair-she’d do it.

This blind faith, What is it? Do our doctors represent GOD to us? Do they have all the answers? If they do, how come so many people I know, either friends, family, patients I’ve cared for die? WHY?

I’ve lost count of how much surgery, laser beam, cobalt and chemotherapy treatments that have been used on my daughter. She’s been on just about every drug that’s ever been injected into a human or maybe animal-She’s not getting better -She receives her so-called treatments every three weeks. Four caustic drugs are given to her intravenously and within an hours-he’s so violently ill,, nauseated and weak that her bed and the darkness and her own personal thoughts are her only comfort. Her body is so thin and her beautiful face is so round and firm due to the large amount of cortisone she receives and yet she continues this process. She keeps going back for more and more thinking too that she will receive a miracle and be completely healed and even though she her husband and I ask “Isn’t there anything else that can be done can’t we have another opinion go somewhere else where she won’t be so sick “the answer is always the same” We’re doing everything humanly possible.” HUMANGOD deliver us all from such a destiny!

This talk about my personal contact with cancer is to provoke you to sicken you to shock you as it has me-WE MUST-WE WILL conquer this dreaded disease! Will you join along with me and explore non-toxic therapies?

Will you write to your Congressman, District and State Representatives and yes, even the President and Vice-President, of this United States and DEMAND a cure. We’re only a small body here-but if each of us wrote three letters-TELLING-not asking that your tax dollars be used to end this epidemic this year, I can assure you you’ll live to see it done! After all, it only took the President a few weeks to appropriate billions of dollars for Swine Flu Vaccine. Is CANCER Less Dangerous? In my opinion somehow, someway we all allow ourselves to be manipulated we don’t like it but we don’t take action.

PLEASE, for your sake take ACTION! It may be too late for my family but it may come just in time for yours. Chemotherapy, cobalt, radical surgery, will not eliminate cancer if the disease is not contained It can’t be because too many much too many die I don’t have the statistics and I doubt that anyone does The only positive thing I can tell you is that non-toxic drugs have never killed anyone EVER!

Many of you who have received Laetrile or other forms of non-toxic therapy are here today. SHARE your GOOD NEWS with those who have never heard of these therapies or find it hard to believe that there are alternatives to so-called standard procedures.

You owe it to all of us that you are living testimony to the miracle of life that so many of us have been waiting for. We can’t afford to wait any longer. Please, for all our sakes-DO something-ANYTHING-but do it NOW.
Thank you.