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Our 53rd Year

“She has a year…or less to live” By Rosie O-Meara

The tumor is incurable.
Your daughter has a year or leas to live.

Those were the words of doctors at a prominent New York City hospital to a Somerset County couple. They were almost two years ago, recalled the child’s parents.

The child is alive, well and happy today, her parents say. Her weight has more than doubled since that time, her appetite is normal and her agility and coordination have improved substantially.

Radiation treatment was stopped shortly after that prognosis was given. Other orthodox cancer treatments were tapered off and for more than a year the child has received no orthodox treatments. She’s been on what is known as the Hoxsey treatment consisting of a special diet of vitamins and herbs, obtained from natural sources.

Like Laetrile, the Hoxsey treatment is one which orthodox medical and research authorities have said certainly might have some general health and nutritional benefits, but has little or no effect in the cure of cancer.

The Somerset County couple strongly disagrees.

They feel they owe their daughter’s life to the dietary-biological approach, which is based on the concept that cancer is a systemic disease, and that the lump or growth involved is only a symptom of a chronic metabolic disorder.

Their story began nearly two years ago.

The infant had been apparently normal and was about nine months old at the time. She began continually regurgitating her food and losing weight.

The family went through several terrible months of diagnoses and treatments, the father recalls.

Very early in the period, doctors branded the parents “health nuts” and told them their daughter’s problem was lack of proper diet. Both parents believed in whole foods, organically grown and in eating unprocessed foods without additives or preservatives.

(Orthodox cancer experts more and more are suggesting that food additives are among a multitude of environmental factors which are causing as many as 85 to 90 per cent of the cancers suffered by humans.)

But the couple followed the medical advice and put the infant on a conventional diet – to no avail. The vomiting and weight loss continued.

At another hospital the doctors said they felt the child’s problem was psychological – between the mother and child – and tranquilizer therapy was begun. This involved separation of the child and mother for several weeks – adding to the couple’s anguish and, in their words, making them feel as if they were to blame for the problem.

That didn’t work either.

The doctors returned the infant to the couple. By this time, her father recalls, her condition had deteriorated drastically.

The parents took her to a New York hospital – and there the brain tumor was discovered. It was located in the part of the brain which controls the body’s reflect action to vomiting.

An operation was performed but doctors said the tumor was too far advanced to remove.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments were begun in an effort to prolong her life.

There were severe reactions.

The father recalls the treatments themselves induced more vomiting. There was additional weight loss at 15 months the child now was down to the weight of a three-month-old infant. There was a substantial white blood count drop, making the baby more susceptible to infections. She developed a fever, couldn’t urinate, had a mouth fungus and diarrhea.

“We decided we had to do something else,” said the father. “I had studied nutrition and heard of nutritional approaches to the cancer problem. I called doctors all over the country until I reached a nationally known doctor who gave me the name of a group in New York City called Alternative Cancer Therapies (ACT).

“They believe in biological, non-toxic approaches to cancer,” he continued. “They provided us with information on other modalities (methods of treatment) that were available.”

The parents were told – as people involving themselves in the unorthodox cancer treatments often are that further radiation treatment would probably interfere with the biological approach. But they also were urged to consult their own doctors to find the prognosis of the disease with standard treatment

What they were told shocked them. “We couldn’t believe our beautiful daughter was going to die,” recalls the father, when they heard the “year or less to live” pronouncement.

But that wasn’t all. They also were told if by chance the child should recover, that she would never be normal.

“We were told that (as a result of the – radiation therapy) her face would be deformed, her spine would not develop and she would be retarded.”

They decided to stop the orthodox treatment and try the biological approach. ACT told them of a Bio-Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico, and recommended the couple see a specialist in nutrition to set up a program to restore body chemistry and to check nutritional deficiencies.

(As in the case of Laetrile, although orthodox cancer experts do not discount the value of good nutrition in the fight against this and most other diseases solely through dietary means. Thus clinics and doctors who work on these theories are unable to practice medicine in this country without problems from authorities. They often set up operations near our borders.)

The child was placed on the Hoxsey treatment. That consists of a special diet of vitamins and herbs obtained from natural sources. Like the Laetrile treatment, as a cancer curative, it ha been under constant fire from orthodox medical authorities and the federal government for some years.

“We have approached the problem with a total concept in mind,” said the Somerset County father. The idea, he explains, is to treat the whole body so that its own restorative machinery can work.

The treatment they have used consists of a 60 per cent raw food diet, including only fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, sprouts, goat’s milk, food supplements; and vitamin and enzyme therapy, all tailored to the child’s needs.

The treatment began with feedings every three hours throughout every 24-hour period. “My wife and I took shifts around the clock,” he recalls. “And it was about four months before we saw any substantial progress.”

But in more than a year since the treatment began, the child’s body weight has more than doubled and other improvements in appearance, reactions and other areas have been clearly observable.

Her progress is noted by the physicians at the Tijuana Bio-Medical Center twice a year, and by a local physician who sees her three times a week, says her father.

“It is really sad that scientific medicine in them and practice is bound to the idea it takes poison to ‘kill’ disease, and thus cannot see any virtue in natural medicine of biological or*in which strengthens nature’s fighting forces and enables the body to better resist as well as control diseases,” said the father recently.

He says doctors at the New York hospital are continually amazed at his daughter’s progress and tell the parents, “Whatever you are doing to her, keep it up.”

“We have a lot to thank God for every day,” the parents say. “We pray for help for every man, woman and child who has a similar problem.”