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Fluoridation IS DeadlyBy FACT


Who on earth told you such nonsense?

There are two important factors which have made a regular watergate of the fluoridation proponents.

One is the concealment of the actual known effect of fluoridation on the health and longevity of people who use fluoridated water in the preparation of food and in drinking it.

The other is the undisclosed difference between the inorganic fluorine used in fluoridated water, which is destructive and deadly, and the organic fluorine which is always present in all vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and which is the ONLY kind of fluorine which the human body needs, which it can tolerate and which it can use constructively.

Bear in mind that fluorine is one of the most popular ingredents in rat and mice poisons, used to control their infestation of premises where they are not wanted!


To understand an answer to this question we must first consider the effect which fluorine has on other mineral and chemical elements in the human system with which it comes in contact. Inorganic fluorine in fluoridated water has an insatiable rapacity, a regular kleptomania for other elements.

When fluorine is present in raw vegetables and fruits it behaves itself and carries on constructive activities. This is because it is organic and is replete with enzymes which are missing in fluoridated water.

One of the most frequent victims of Inorganic fluorine, for example, is CALCIUM. Your endocrine glands are extremely sensitive to the calcium-phosphorus balance in your body. Inorganic fluorine will appropriate and steal whatever calcium it may come into contact with, thus lowering the calcium in the calcium phosphate molecule and leaving the phosphorus with a greater proportion than is called for in that molecule.

This is just one out of innumerable such disturbances which throw the mineral balance of the system out of equilibrium.

When fluoridated water has robbed you of some of your calcium, the result is a low calcium and a high phosphorus situation which is out of balance. Such a condition is the precursor of eventual allergies, arthritis, duodenal ulcers and a predisposition to be afflicted with cancer or diabetes.


The over-all effects of mineral unbalance generally resulting from the constant use of fluoridated water and this fluorine element-thievery, are poor digestion, detesting the cold and anticipating it with horror, becoming pessimistic and cynical, treacherous and unsociable and many other undesirable characteristics which were both nonexistent and unnatural before fluoridated water began its devastating inroad into the human system.

These ‘conditions cannot take place from the ORGANIC fluorine in raw nutritional food. On the contrary, organic fluorine in nutritional food helps to strengthen bones and tissues and assists in the balanced functions and activities of the endocrine glands.

Inorganic fluorine toxins from fluoridated water are dangerous, harmful and even lethal. They will continue to be progressively more ominous because it is a slow acting poison. It works pretty quickly on rats, but it usually takes five to ten years sometimes longer for its ravages and degeneration to become sufficiently prommunced as to be declared irreversible.


Yes, indeed it can. Many a man and woman who, ten or fifteen years ago was perfectly a balanced, sociable and lovable, who has consistently been drinking fluoridated water during that time, may be discovered today with a totally different personality than they had in years gone by. Many such people have undoubtedly dropped out of your circle of friends and acquaintances because of the unsavory change which has come over them.

Here are some examples for you to ponder over and see if they don’t fit some people you know.

They have lost social feelings and sentiments. They have become indifferent to the suffering of others, unmoved by tears. When they are faced with personal danger they go berserk and lose their self control.

They have become cowards, detesting authority and can, to a certain degree, be controlled by fear as long as they realize there is nothing they can do about it, but they can never be governed by a sense of gratitude or love.

Whereas formerly they were outgoing and sociable, now they avoid direct contact with people as much as possible they have become unpopular. They may even become the target of derision and ridicule when working in groups with other people.

They become dangerous if they are faced with too much interference and they may, through treacher3r, injure people they dislike.

Their attitude becomes caustic and sarcastic when they develop a strong resentment against others.

These are some of the hidden dangers which can be anticipated by the use of fluoridated waters used for the preparation of food and for drinking. Do you ever hear about them? No, of course not. To proclaim such facts would interfere with the propagation of the fluoridation of water doctrine. That would soon stop the use of fluorine waste debris from polluting our water supplies.

The Inorganic fluorine used to fluoridate waters is the waste byproduct of manufacturers of aluminum and other products. These manufacturers are gigantic industries concerned with only two things: (1) the sale and distribution of their manufactured products, and (2) how they can reap financial profits from every angle and phase of their business.

Such being the case, no scrap of debris is overlooked if it can be converted into shekals. Fluorine was discovered to be a potentially lavish source of recurring financial profit, provided the “authorities” could, by hook or crook, be sold on the ephemeral “benefits” of fluoridating the water supply with this fluorine debris, their waste by-product.


The answer to this question, today, is obvious, because the Watergate explosion has brought to light the ease with which the practice of subsidizing, bribing and outright payments for services rendered or to be rendered has become such a nation-wide practice.

Those who loudly advocate the fluoridation of public and other water systems have either not had the desire nor the ability to investigate their statements and claims for the complete verification of facts – not fancies.

For a price, many succumb to the temptation of being publicized as “an authority.” These so-called authorities are, in fact, knowingly or unknowingly, nothing more nor less than a disguise to keep the public from knowing the truth. They operate usually at the direction of the industrial potentates, whose sole- interest is in the lucrative financial returns from the sale of the debris from their manufacturing processes.

Undoubtedly some of the speakers, lecturers and writers who extol, praise and recommend the practice of fluoridating water, may admittedly be perfectly honest and sincere in their assurances because they have not investigated the matter with sufficient depth. Some may even be completely ignorant of the basic facts involved in evaluatict what constitutes a toxin or a poison. These latter are usually the most vociferous proponents of the fluoridation doctrine.

We need not classify those who know the true facts, but distort them – perhaps at a price.


True – there is no question nor doubt that the human body requires a certain amount of fluorine for the proper maintenance of balance of the system. However, such fluorine MUST BE organic in nature and in a form which the body can assimilate and utilize constructively.


Nature is very prolific in supplying man with whatever constructive material he needs for the repair, restoration and maintenance of the maximum state of health to which his body can attain.

The only organic fluorine of any value to the human system is provided in virtually all vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds which can be sprouted. Among the foods in which fluorine is present in ample quantity are the following:

Unsalted almonds, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, pine nuts (pinoles) and walnuts.

Carrots, beet-tops, celery-tops, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumbers, dandelion, garlic, spinach, turnip tops and watercress.

Among the fruits provided they are tree-ripened apples, cherries, apricots, bananas, figs, grapes, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries.

For Seeds: Sunflower seeds, alfalfa, Mung beans,- barley seeds, sesame seeds.

It is very important that vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds all be naturally grown. No HYBRID foods should be used. Hybrid foods vibrate at an average of 30 to 50 per cent of the rating of naturally pollinated foods. In other words, hybrid foods are considerably less nutritious than natural foods.


This is a question that is very much in the forefront of the pollution problem.

When water is boiled and the steam is collected in appropriate channels, the steam condenses and becomes pure distilled water. The fluorine and every other element in the water, except only the hydrogen and the oxygen, is left behind in the wider container. Have you ever noticed the lime incrustation in the bottom and sides of a pan or kettle in which water has been continually boiled? Besides the lime, all other elements except hydrogen and water can be found in that residue, including the inorganic fluorine.

Now comes a warning in regard to distilled water. You will find people who will throw up their hands at the thought of using distilled water. They will tell you that distilled water leaches the minerals out of the body.

Don’t you believe it! That is only half a truth. The minerals that are a component part of the cells and tissues of your body CANNOT be leached out nor in any other way can they be removed from the body while the cells and tissues are alive. Such elements cannot be dislodged from their anchorage.

The minerals, like lime (calcium), fluorine, etc., which are present in all water supplies from wells, springs, etc., are not absorbed in the body, into the structure of the cells and tissues. They are rejected by these cells and tissues and, if not removed through the evacuation channels of the body, are collected as waste in the blood vessels and connective tissues. This is where danger lies dormant. Distilled water does have the propensity to collect this debris, this rejected, useless, clogging up waste, and to remove it through the kidneys and bowel.

You may be interested to know that in order to avoid being poisoned by fluoridated water, we, in my home, drink steam distilled water, besides our regular supplies of fresh raw vegetable and fruit juices. We want to continue to be healthy, energetic and vigorous for a long, long time to come.