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Infrared Sauna Therapy For Cancer – Book Review By Doris I. Rapp, M.D.

Sauna therapy is re-emerging as a safe and effective way to detoxify and heal the body. It increases the circulation, removes toxic substances of all kinds and can help heal many health conditions. These range from viral and other infections to arthritis, heart disease, cancer and much more. As the body heals many mental and emotional conditions also improve.

This book is designed for health practitioners and laymen alike. Dr. Wilson has 25 years of experience with detoxification and natural healing as a nutrition consultant with a medical degree. In this book, he introduces the infrared lamp sauna, with its deeper penetration and cooler operating temperature. He al so discusses important detoxification information, sauna protocols, cautions and provides many testimonials pending more formal studies of sauna therapy. He also provides simple plans to build your own infrared lamp sauna.

Sauna Therapy is a book everyone should own. Dr. Wilson explains why we all need to rid our bodies of toxins to correct or prevent damage to our health and to heal our bodies.

This book, however, goes far beyond the detoxification benefits of a sauna. Every possible aspect of sauna utilization is discussed succinctly and clearly. All the pros, cons and comparisons are there. Read it and get well!

I truly believe everyone would improve their health if they used this form of therapy on a regular and frequent basis.

Doris J. Rapp, MD, author of Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call.

Items of Interest

FACT doesn’t usually present commercial items but I think there are times when we have an obligation to keep our members informed. There are three items that should be of interest to you.

  1. A Portable Near Infrared Sauna which is in this issue of Cancer Forum. I expect this item will serve as a constant detoxifier. Because it can raise body, temperature to the fever level, I am hoping that it will also serve to eliminate cancer cells as part of the detoxification. It is scientifically known that hyperthermia (fever) destroys cancer cells.
  2. StemEnhance is another item that I feel you should be aware of. It claims to duplicate stem cells in an oral form. I’ve gotten enough feed-back from people who have benefitted from StemEnhance to present the information to our readers. You can get additional information from Pat Judson. Her telephone number is: 313-278-6707
  3. C TONICS is a natural shampoo and conditioner. One of our long time members, a naturopath, has developed a line of shampoos and conditioners that are cleansers and tonics. They have many different formulas for different needsto restore, nourish and recondition hair. It is my understanding that Whole Foods would carry the line. If you cannot find C TONICS in the store, contact M. Craig & Associates/Jennifer Craig at 212-410-0842.