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Miraculous Recoveries By FACT

Victor Earl Irons

In 1935 at 40 years of age, my doctor in Boston did his best for three years to keep my sacroiliac in place (in the sacroiliac you have a ball in a socket.. If the socket fills up with unassimilated calcium, the ball can easily be crowded out . If it is out as much as 1/4 inch the ligaments are stretched and the pain is like a sprained anide.)

The first year I went to see my doctor about once a month. The second year, three times a month , and the third year, I would have liked to have seen him time times a day because my sacroiliac would come out with the slightest motion causing tremendous pain. Finally he told me he was not doing me any good and he would take no more of my money, but he did request that for my own benefit and his own peace of mind, I go immediately to the hospital and get x-rays of my entire spinal column from the back of the head to the coccyx. This I did. Several weeks later, he called me to his office and showed me the x-rays of the spinal coltunn and each individual vertebra thereof. Then he told me that he had submitted the x-rays to three of the leading surgeons in Boston and to one other osteopathic physician. None of the doctors knew that he had showed the x-rays to anyone else. In every case, each doctor diagnosed it as Marie Strumpet’ Arthritis for which they claim there is no cure. Today it is called Ankylosing Spondylosis. This disease is an arthritic condition where the calcium is not assimilated and builds calcium spurs in exactly the same relative position on every vertebra so that eventually, as these spurs grow, the patient begins to stoop imperceptibly and within 20 years, the body is doubled over so that the head is below the lutee but you can still walk,

I had read a little on Natural methods of healing and replied to my doctor.” I do not believe that there is any such thing as an incurable disease, but I admit there are millions of incurable people. But, I continued “Doc, I want to thank you for bringing


this to my attention. It gives me something new to live for – but you can rest assured that I have no intention of being numbered with the millions of incurables. Within two months, I had no more pain from displacement and within 14 months practically no spursall done with cleansing, fasting and Natural foods and no drugs.

Jensen Patient

As an example there was a little lady who came to me with her head down below her hips with arthritis of the spine. She had a double curvature with spurs on the vertebrae as large as her thumbnail. She had been told by a doctor that she was going to be in a wheel chair or cast for the rest of her life. This is not a very pleasant thing to look forward to. In her deliberate searching for a cure she came to the conclusion to try anything in order to get well. In one year’s time, under our care, this lady was as straight as a die and we have the report from Magnolia Hospital, Long Beach, that there is no more arthritis of the spine and she is free from all pathology. I gave her the chemicals and minerals in natural foods that have been given to us by nature.

I used goat-whey consistently, day in and day out, with every meal and in between every meal. I think she spent over $500 in just getting a whey product to add to her meal. Whey is the highest thing in sodium as anything else you can use. When taking one teaspoon of this, whey you are taking something very vital. While I do not believe you can live on this, if you have cheated your body of sodium for years, you had better put something into it that can pay you back as quickly as possible. This goat whey can do it. Excerpted from the book, How You Can Enjoy Better Health With Natural Remedies, by Dr. Bernard Jensen.