Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy
Non-Toxic Biological Approaches to the Theories,
Treatments and Prevention of Cancer

Our 53rd Year

Dr. K. O. Heede’s Speech at a FACT Convention By FACT

Translated from German by Charlotte Wahle

I am greatly indebted to you for your kind invitation to attend your convention. Mrs. Ebba Waerland gave me the honor of conveying to you her best regards and good wishes from Switzerland. She very much regrets not having been able to accept your invitation in order to report to you personally about the internal tumor therapy according to the Waerland system. From Switzerland, respectively from Germany, I have brought along a therapy which enables you with absolute certainty to prevent, and in many cases to cure cancer. This therapy consists of a healthy and natural way of living, as recommended by Ebba and Are Waerland.

You will all agree with me that the treatment of cancer patients often can be a difficult problem. The sure prevention of this torturous disease, mostly ending in death, should be all the more important. I am sorry to say that our modern socalled cancer prevention consists just of performing and propagating precautionary examinations.

In my opinion, more sensible than today’s usual precautionary measures against cancer, would be a widely publicized campaign informing people of methods and possibilities which prevent with certainty this torturous suffering.

I have always compared our method of general cancer precaution with the well in front of the house into which one looks every day to see whether the child has already fallen in. Wouldn’t it be more sensible to cover the well safely enough so that the child cannot fall in?

The daily experience, specifically in practice, shows the actual cause of most health disturbances is an almost shocking ignorance of biological combinations. This is the consequence of insufficient association with Nature and misconceptions about consequential mistakes in living. Cancer is no exception here.

Waerland is right in saying: We do not have to deal with diseases but with mistakes in our way of living. Eliminate the mistakes and the diseases will disappear of their own accord.”

Why is it there is no publicity about the unawareness of biological linkages in the prevention of diseases, while such completely mistaken conceptions in this field prevail? Why is it modem medicine tries to suppress the symptoms of a disease with frequently unsuitable and harmful chemical drugs instead of eliminating the cause of the disease, stopping the mistakes of our mode of living, or even better, preventing diseases altogether?

All over the world we have countless hospitals, sanatoria, etc. with more constantly being built because there are not nearly enough beds to accommodate the millions of sick, but in the whole world, we do not have a single house of health where the healthy and ill are shown how mistakes in living lead to illness, how one stops these mistakes and how one prevents diseases by healthy living.

Unfortunately, the interests of single or whole groups in industry are in opposition to the interests of all men by ignoring the required educational work in the cancer field. With the aid of enormous financial means available to them, these industry groups, according to their wishes, are able to influence public opinion and consumer attitudes of a wide population. That is, I am thinking of the food and commodity industry at times offering you merchandise as especially conducive to good health and joy of living. The turnover of which promises good business. When too many pigs are stored in the refrigerator and have to be sold, the meat industry will recommend pork as being especially healthy. Or, when sitting on a mountain of butter, a vigorous advertising campaign will be launched for the health-inducing effect of butter. The cigarette industry promises you the aroma of the great outdoors, although it ought to know precisely that a drop of nicotine is enough to kill a man in a few seconds.

I do not want to forget to mention also the big and powerful interests and industry groups which do not profit from the health of, but from the illness of men. In the future, it will be solely up to you whether disease and death are constantly threatening you as an inevitable danger, whether you will spend a life in sickness and despair with pain and torture, a living hell on earth or, whether you will create a paradise on earth being healthy, happy, satisfied and productive.

Which now are the prerequisites for health, happiness, efficiency and joy of life?

Here Waerland raises three important requirements:

  1. Sufficient exercise in fresh air is just as important food of full value. We require sufficient oxygen for proper functioning of all organs and for sound cellular breathing. Therefore, the respiration has to be stimulated by suitable exercise and it must be deliberately corrected if it is wrong or too shallow.
  2. The skin must be cared for and its functioning must be stimulated by cold baths, rub-downs and by exposing it uncovered to the fresh air and sun. The skin is an important organ responsible for the excretion of many toxic matters. Daily, dry brushing of the entire skin surface is urgently recommended.
  3. A diet full of good food value containing all vital mineral salts, vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, ferments, etc. This is frequently mistaken for a one-sided diet which imposes deprivations or requires an ascetic attitude. It is just the opposite. In this diet, the inferior, destroyed, chemically-adulterated, insipid-tasting or even missing components are substituted by tasty, biologicallywholesome, undestroyed and unadulterated nutrients.

Based upon the enumerated physiological realities, the following possibilities of a sensible biological tumor therapy have proven to be particularly effective:

  1. Relief and detoxification of the organism by fasting on a liquid diet and simultaneous intake of biologically complete proteins, mineral, vitamins, trace elements, enzymes and ferments from living systems amongst other (e.g. through daily small supplies of Carbo Betula Polaris) and by observing the nutritional instructions by Waerland.
  2. Activation and reconstruction of the disturbed cellular respiration and ferment-blockage by supplying intermediate catalysts, respiratoryactive oxygen (Ozone), therapeutic warm baths according to Schlenz, and suitable ferments which activate the cellular respiration and proteolytic enzymes.Applying a high dose of proteolytic enzymes can create in the organism a deluge of toxic protein-reducing products which necessitate the immediate excretion and detoxification by methods stated under #1, particularly by fasting.
  3. Binding of the toxic left-turning heat lactic acid in the tumor tissue by right turning L (+) lactic acid to an inactive racemate with simultaneous activation of the lymphatic system and the cellular breathing by biologically active minerals and vitamin complexes..
  4. Equalization of the disturbed acid/alkaline balance by the supply of biologically active and absorbable minerals and trace elements.
  5. Activation and control of the respiration, circulation, metabolism and excretion according to the presented viewpoints.
  6. Mental health care and guidance.

In this apocalyptic time, there is no task which is as urgent as the reorganization of our whole natural surroundings; there is no decision which is as essential as the return to the biological condition of Nature. The time allotted to us for the return to natural living is getting shorter. To act immediately is meant for us all. Instead of violating and destroying life, we must construct. And everybody must start with himself and his circle. Are Waerland says Health is not bestowed, it is built.” Do not let us be the henchmen of invalidism, of suffering and death, but architects creating health and an existence worthy of human beings.