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Historic Uses Of Nature’s Herbs By FACT

TALFALFA – pituitary gland, arthritis, high nutritive value, alkalizes body, detoxifies body and liver. BARBERRY – liver stimulant, typhoid, jaundice, improves appetite.

BAYBERRY – Has been used for congestion in the nose and sinuses. It is extremely good for all female organs.

BEE POLLEN – Energy food and allergies.

BLACK COHOSH – Female estrogen, menstrual cramps, high blood pressure, spinal meningitis, poisonous bites, relieves childbirth pain at delivery.

BLACK WALNUT – Cleanses parasites, TB, expels tape worms, diarrhea.

BLESSED THISTLE – Strengthens the heart and lungs, takes oxygen to the brain.

BLUE COHOSH – Regulates menstrual flow, makes childbirth easy, whooping cough, bronchial mucus, palpitations, high blood pressure and spasms. BUCKTHORN – Rheumatism, gout, dropsy, slcin disease.

BURDOCK – Blood purifier, diuretic.

CACTUS – Has been used for arthritis.

CAPSICUM – Catalyst for all herbs, stops internal bleeding, circulation, Use as a stimulant also for healing.

CASCARA SAGRADA – Chronic constipation, gall stones, increases secretion of bile.

CATNIP – Convulsions in children, sleep aid, soothing to nerves, insanity.

CHAMOMILE – Nerves, toothaches, helps to stop smoking, alcohol, muscle pain.

CHAPARRAL – Cleanser, arthritis, blood ptuifier, acne and boils.

CHICKWEED – Bronchial cleansers

COMFREY ROOT – Blood cleanser, ulcers, stomach, lcidneys, bowel.

CORNSILK – Kidney and bladder problems, prostate gland for painful urination.

DAMIANA – Sexual impotency, reproductive organs, loss of nerves, energy to limbs.

DANDELION -Diuretic, kidney and bladder, iron anemia, gout, high in calcium and other minerals. DONG QUAI – Has been used to treat female problems, including menopause and hot flashes.

EYEBRIGHT – Aids the vision, the uppermost parts of the throat as far as the windpipe.

FENNEL – Has been used to eliminate colic in babies, helps kill appetite, aids in digestion when uric acid is the problem.