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Our 53rd Year

Dear Reader 20 3-4 By Ruth Sackman

On page 3 of this issue of Cancer Forum, there is an interesting article about Gloria Swanson, a glamorous movie star for some five decades beginning in the 1920’s. At about the age of 35, she was diagnosed with an ovarian tumor. She resisted the usual operation, perhaps because of her background or because she did not want the mutilation of a scar. Somehow she found Dr. Henry Bieler whose Natural Healing practice was in Pasadena, California. It is obvious from the interview that she was a very skeptical patient.

Dr. Bieler guided her successfully through the extensive healing process that eliminated her tumor without surgery. What is interesting is that she became a very knowledgeable and forceful advocate of natural healing.

Some of you may remember that there was a law called the Delaney Amendment. It was a very simple law but had a lot of power in preserving the safety of the health of the American people. It stated that no drug or additive could be approved by the Food and Drug Administration that was found to be carcinogenic in animals. We can thank Gloria Swanson who was in the forefront of the campaign for the approval of that law. She spoke passionately at a Congressional hearing in Washington for the law to be enacted. We were fortunate that it was law until the 1990’s when it was repealed under the pressure of the chemical industry. Many of us fought hard to preserve the law, but unfortunately, the public was not aware of the desperate need to keep it alive. We can now see the results of the elimination of the Delaney Amendment in the way toxic drugs and additives have been approved in recent years by our government agencies.