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A Reader’s Questions on Rethinking Cancer By FACT

Dear Ruth,

Recently, I received your very informative book, Rethinking Cancer. It is an eye opener. Thank you for writing it I’ve read many boolcs on the subject, but nothing like this.

I have a couple of questions and I’m enclosing a little extra postage with my 2 book order, (one for my married daughter, and the other for my son for their future information.)

On page 196 you talk about a lady who took a lot of remedies, but you don’t mention what they were. As a reader, I’m wondering if, just maybe I’m doing the same thing. I never knew one can overstimulate the body. I had a hysterectomy over 2 years ago, but refused the chemo. I am under guidance of a naturopathic doctor, but I also take daily Essiac, Aloe Vera and BG, in addition to Dr. Wood’s 17 remedies. Plus 1 lemon and quark with flaxseed oil.

Eight months ago I spotted and found out there was a tumor in the vagina which since had softened, but grew a little and doctors pushed for radiation which I refused. I also have been on 25 grams of Vitamin C with vitamins at a chelation center once a week and H202 also once a week. Have been on this for a year now. As of last week Dr. advised to discontinue the C, but continue H202 once a week. So, Ruth, is that overdoing it? I don’t lcnow. I do get pain in that area from time to time.

Another question: you talk about fermented food on page 102. I make my own sauerkraut and pickles, etc., but how does one make these without salt? If you have a recipe, please send it to me. I make pickles without vinegar, but with salt. [Ed. Note: Salt is not necessary to ferment the cabbage…Ann Wigmore used kelp and wakame (seaweed).]

Ruth, I have taken too much of your time, as is. Sorry about that. I would so appreciate an answer to these two questions, if and when you have time (a moment).

Thanks in advance for the 2 books I’m ordering. God bless you.

With thanks,
N.M, Hawkestone, Ontario, Canada

Supplements recommended by her naturopath:

  • Cell Food
  • Omega Matrix
  • Pleo Sancom
  • Orthoselenium
  • Pleo Exmykehl
  • Ultra Potent C
  • Pleo Sanuvis
  • Folic Acid
  • Duravida
  • Wobenzym
  • Allca Caps
  • Relora
  • Lactoferrin
  • Modified Citrus
  • Immunocare
  • Rt Lipois
  • AHCC Calcium D-Gluc.
  • Oxygenics

Dear N. M.,

This is in answer to your letter about the woman in my book who had overstimulated her healing process. She used to attend all lectures, listen to all the health reports on the media, and learned as much as was posssible about cancer. Unfornmately, it is not what you learn, but how to apply the knowledge with understanding.

Her first choice in her hunt for recovery from cancer was Dr. Leo Roy in Canada. He put her on a metabolic program designed for her and added Essiac. This was all she needed. Dr. Roy had years of experience with cancer patients. He spent 6 months working with Dr. Max Gerson at his clinic in Nanuet, N.Y. Not only that, Dr. Roy spent many years visiting clinics and honing his skill. He was exceptionally capable.

This lady thought one program was not enough. Her next trip was to the Hoxsey Clinic in Mexico. There she received the Hoxsey Herbal Tonic which probably duplicated some of the herbs in Essiac and created an excess. From there, she went to Dr. Contreras’ Laetrile Clinic. She took a supply of Laetrile back to New York to continue her injections.

I am not sure, but I think, she also added cell therapy which was available from Dr. Estrella in Mexico.

About 2 or 3 weeks after returning home, she called very upbeat about her well-being. (That was an attitude she postured). Nevertheless, she complained that she had a hard time getting upright from lying in bed. Since I could not understand why she had difficulty getting out of bed, I suggested that she see a doctor I knew in her neighborhood.

He called me after the visit and said her liver was swollen and huge. I understood the physiology of what was happening. She had overworked this crucial organ by applying too many therapies at one time. It was beyond what the liver could process. When cancer cells are destroyed, they break down and pollute the bloodstream. The liver’s role is to clean the bloodstream which it could not do completely because it was overloaded.

Her immune system was overactivated. I suggested that she use an immunosuppressive drug minimally just to give her body some relief. Her thinking was just the opposite, but there was no way she could understand My explanation. It was beyond her capability.

At this point she chose to go to the Burton Immunotherapy Clinic in the Bahamas the worst possible choice anyone could make at that juncture. I tried to tell her it was an extremely risky choice. She would hear none of it. I called her doctor to tell him she would die if she added immunotherapy at this time. He said there was no way to change her mind she was adamant. She left New York on Wednesday and died at the clinic on Friday.

The lesson to be learned is not how many therapies are available. There are many therapies listed in the many books sold in health food and book stores. It is knowing how to apply the right therapy at the right time for the right patient.

About the program you are on, I am not familiar with all the supplements your doctor is using so I cannot comment about them. But, it is not an established system that I am familiar with. The most important part of any system is a good metabolic program. That is what the body needs in order to build healthy, normal cells and discontinue the production of abnormal cells. That is the primary goal. Taking a wide variety of supplements does not necessarily accomplish good cell production.

The aim of a good biorepair system is to correct cell production otherwise the cancer patient will be vulnerable to a constant recurrance. Focusing on killing cancer cells, which is the typical medical model to date, has not produced a cure. Researchers are still struggling to find it. Alternative systems which promote the same concept may not achieve any better results.

We have to rethink cancer and focus on restoring the integrity of the host.

The body has some natural requirements which have to be met in order to regain our health. Cells are produced from our food intake (not from pills, tonics, herbs, supplements or any other fragmented substance). Therefore, food is the basic tool in a healing program and it has to be carefully designed. Foods are classified as acid or allcaline. It is crucial that we create acid/allcaline balance. Nature’s yardstick is 80% alkaline and 20% acid. The body allows some leeway but we cannot go below 20% acid or below 60% alkaline and maintain healing and ultimately a healthful state.

Raw foods contain the natural elements that the body needs. Cooking alters the natural composition so should be used in a more limited degree than the raw. If a carefully designed nutritional program that has all the essential elements for healthy cell production has been created, the next step is to be sure that the food is metabolized. If any organs needed for metabolizing the food are not functioning competently, they will need attention. Enzymes and glandulars can help to correct the deficiency and achieve normalcy in many instances.

Ruth Sackman