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Once Again, Yogurt Stops the Growth of Unhealthy Cells By FACT

Now, at last the word has gotten to the National Cancer Institute and they have published it in their journal. The word is that something in yogurt inhibits the growth of cancer cells. One kind of cancer at any rate. Three scientists at the University of Nebraska used laboratory mice for their investigation. They gave two groups of mice regular laboratory chow to eat. One group got plain drinking water. The other was given a bit of yogurt in their drinking water. Then both groups were infected with cancer cells.

After eight days, an average of 28 percent inhibition of cell proliferation was evident in the mice given yogurt. That is, 28 percent of the tumor cells did not grow, while in the mice, which did not get the yogurt, the tumor cells continued to grow as expected.

Say the scientists, “The above findings suggest that cultures synthesize components which have an anti-tumor effect.” They do not know what these components are and they plan further experiments to find out, if possible. Under no circumstances, of course, would they just recommend to the general public that they eat yogurt daily, since it may contain substances valuable in the prevention of cancer. Such a suggestion would be classified as “faddist” by these people, we are sure, and by the National Cancer Institute as well.

So, instead, they will proceed, with ever more costly and lengthy experiments trying to isolate the substance in yogurt which possesses this marvelous ability. Then they will probably try to cure cancer in mice with this isolated substance. And many years from now, perhaps some poor cancer victim may or may not benefit from this experiment. .