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Disease Is Beneficial By Lee Bauer

New ideas often seem odd, even ridiculous, simply because we are not used to them. They are resisted merely because they are new. But, more often because they threaten existing interests…the status quo. It seems that no matter how beneficial and wholesome a new idea may be, it rarely, if ever, receives public approval when it is first presented. It must make its way against superstition, misunderstanding, and especially those people whose income or position is threatened by the idea.


A study of this subject of disease, in proper perspective, reveals that disease is not a thing. It is not an entity. It is not something to be feared. On the contrary, it is beneficial. It is action! Right action! Action in harmony with the laws of life and necessary for self preservation.


Disease is also one of nature’s means of improving us, since it throws off a load of toxins that have been accumulating inside us for quite a time, and it calls a halt to our wrong living. This process of purification and repair is not unwholesome. If there is anything unwholesome about it, it is the cause which makes the disease necessary.


Let’s look at the “common” cold. What is true of this condition is mostly true of all disease. The cold is not something we “catch” but just a process of getting rid of something that we have slowly accumulated. Back of every cold is a toxic state, often referred to as toxemia. This is produced by anything and everything that enervates the body. Enervation, which is the result of any action, food or habit that saps the energy, always tends to check elimination. This permits waste to accumulate …which in turn causes more energy to be dissipated, which causes more waste to pile up. And so, a vicious cycle is started. This cycle, which begins with enervating habits that in turn reduce elimination is the basic cause, of not only the “common” cold, but all diseases. From this point on a variety of familiar symptoms associated with the cold begin to display themselves, such as coughing, sneezing, discharge of mucus, etc. These actions on the part of the body are meant to eliminate the toxins, which must be swept out, before harmony can be brought about.


Since the cold, and all disease, is an effort to right a wrong, a process of purification and repair is necessary. When it has reduced the toxic state to a toleration point, symptoms subside, and things go back to normal. However, if the cause or causes have not been removed, the person will go through the enervation-toxemia cycle again…and soon another crisis will develop. Then, if the contributing causes are not found and stopped, this cycle could go on and on, into ulcers, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, eventually ending with death


The body has within it the intelligence and power to heal itself. If left alone, it will progress towards recovery and healing. We can assist it by resting; resting from all activity, including eating. This will result in the speediest return to health that is possible. Whenever toxins of any kind are forced upon the body, it always tries to relieve itself. If possible, they are discharged by coughing, sneezing, vomiting or diarrhea. Sometimes a fever is produced. Whatever the means taken by the body, along with the part or organ affected, usually determines the name of the disease. But, regardless of the name, the ACTION on the part of the body is correct, right and of definite benefit.


This action of disease is referred to as being sick. If we are sick, then it is no doubt best for us to be that way, as strange as that may sound. Sickness is the only possible way, in most instances, to correct the situation. It is good that this happens. If it didn’t we would rapidly degenerate and die …drowning in our own poisons without so much as a struggle. This would be a sad situation indeed. Fortunately though, if we learn to trust the intelligence of our body, to do the right thing, under all circumstances with a little cooperation on our part, we soon learn that there is nothing to fear.


Germs do not cause disease, as is generally thought. We are living all the time in a sea of germs (bacteria). They come in abundance only after we set up the environment they like. All germs are beneficial. They help rid the body of waste products which have developed within. They do not “attack” or turn maliciously on any bodily organ. Actually, they are friendly micro-organisms. Without them life would be impossible.


Under normal conditions the wastes are carried away and disposed of by the body. We might say there is in operation at all times a very efficient garbage removal system. As long as it continues without interference, all is well. But, if it bogs down, then all functions are slowed. This causes the waste materials to accumulate. If the situation is not corrected, then, beyond a certain point of toleration the body says “enough.” A clean-up or elimination is then called for. This process is referred to as a disease. It may be violent vomiting, fever, coughing, diarrhea, or a simple skin rash. Whatever form it takes we can feel safe that it is right action and totally beneficial.


Nature has given us a marvelously made body. It is complicated, but it is also highly efficient, and fully capable of running itself. All we have to do is cooperate a little by supplying its few needs, such as proper food, adequate rest, sunshine, fresh air, exercise, pure water, etc. Should our habits just happen to lead us into that state where the beneficial action of disease becomes necessary, we have nothing to become alarmed about… If we stop and rest, it will allow the body to heal itself. Applying these simple steps will enable nearly anyone to enjoy a longer and healthier life.

Of course, the joyful feeling of vigorous health, lacking any trace of pain, is normal for man. There is much evidence to indicate that we can and should live in this normal state of health all the time… everyday, for a lifetime, not just on occasion.


It is not difficult to reach a basic understanding of the laws of right living. There is considerable information on the subject, available to anyone who is willing to investigate further. No one really wants to live unhappily, in illness or discomfort. Perhaps we do so because we do not know better. We do not know how to live, to bring about a change. Or because we are so preoccupied with other things we are not really aware of what we are doing to ourselves.

Whatever the reason, if we keenly desire to eliminate the need for recurring disease, we can do so, simply and effectively, by learning the right living habits, removing causes, and then practicing these habits until they generate the level of health with which we are satisfied.

Reprinted from information published by the Sovereign Order of SAINT JOHN OF JERUSALEM, KNIGHTS OF MALTA, Shickshinny, Pa. 18655.