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Can Garlic Really Lower Blood Pressure By Richard Talbot

Sifting rumors from facts, I will lay the case before you and you decide.

The doctors tell us that high blood pressure can be the result of numerous causes. We will only talk about one the one that can be traced to conditions in the colon the sewer of the body. The human colon can be a frightful place, swarming with hosts of putrefactive germs. We are told that with every bowel movement we eject 33 trillion filthy microbes. It makes one shudder just to think of it. How can such foulness even begin to reside on the inside of an edifice of fragrant flesh always kept so scrupulously and hygienically groomed and cleaned? But so it is.

When we eat protein foods, the body as everyone knows digests them down with enzymes until they become what the scientists have named”amino acids.” Some amino acids, because of their structure, are identified as “hydrocarbons,” others are called “sulfur” amino acids because they contain sulfur in their molecules; still others are called “basic” or “hydroxyl,” or “acid” amino acids. And then there is a group called “aromatic” amino acids. These are phenylalanine, tyrosine, and tryptophane.

So important are these three that the body as a rule absorbs them from the small intestine and puts them to very important use. Phenylalanine becomes, among other things, epinephrine which we know as adrenalin the crisis chemical of the body. Without adrenalin a human being isn’t up to facing problems. He crumbles before every crisis. Tyrosine combines with iodine in the thyroid gland and becomes thyroxine, the important thyroid hormone .Tryptophane joins with B6 and turns to niacin. And so forth.

However, because human beings are too often very misguided about their foods and beverages, the small intestine becomes so badly undermined and corroded that the glands of absorption fail to snag these three important amino acids and pass them into the bloodstream. They are inconsequence lost to the body and enter the colon the human cesspit. Here the countless germs pounce upon them with relish and degrade them by stealing from the carbon dioxide (CO2). This is referred to as “decarboxlyation.” What is left of them, after this microbial attack, can be so toxic that the blood vessels go into spasm.

The poor body is dealing now with poisonous “amines.” Phenylalanine has turned into phenylethylamine; tyrosine has turned into tramline; and tryptophane has turned into tryptamine. Phenylethyalamine, tyramine, and tryptamine are exceedingly powerful “vasopressors.” That is, they constrict the blood vessels very sharply which causes the blood pressure to go up.

Now, if this is the reason a person shows a higher than usual pressure, then garlic may step in and help. Garlic contains diallylsulfide, a very potent germicide. It can, and probably does, destroy numbers of putrefactive bacteria, leaving behind bacteria that will “deaminate” not “decarboxylate” these three amino no acids. In this way they don’t become toxic amines that clap down on the blood vessels and shoot the pressure up. They turn instead into harmless substances. So, if you are among many millions with a blood pressure problem, go to your doctor by all means. Let him help you. However, if you are so unfortunate that you belong to the 10% who do not respond to regular medical practice (90% do, and this is an enviable record for that profession), then, being thoroughly on your own, try garlic.

You don’t have to eat fresh garlic to make yourself shunned and socially unacceptable. Go to your nearest health food store, purchase odorless and tasteless garlic capsules. Take three to six or more per day, then see what happens. Of course, be sure to tell your doctor you want to take garlic capsules, and get his approval. He will usually give it to you. If he doesn’t, he has a good reason and you must follow his advice. Having obtained his permission, proceed to take garlic, then go to your doctor to have your pressure checked regularly.

Garlic has a long, honorable reputation, and if your pressure goes down, you know why.