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Our Bodies’ Own Cancer Cures From Modern Maturity

Live smart and there’s a chance you can prevent some cancers.

This means “eat properly, get enough rest, avoid excessive stresses and strains.”

The key:”Destroying the lciller before it starts,” says Dr. Antonio Rottino, director of Hodg,kin’s disease research at St .Vincent’s Hospital in New York City.

[Ed. Note: The late Dr. Rottino was doing immune research before the importance of immune function in cancer was either understand or recognized. Dr. Lawrence H. Burton learned immunotherapy working for Dr. Rottino. This led to the establishment of Burton’s immunotherapy clinic in the Bahamas.]

Sound simple? It’s based on evidence that the body is constantly defeating invading cancers as a routine process, Dr. Rottino told the Health Insurance Institute.

It’s no secret that a healthy body will overcome most cancers in its own way.

According to the septuagenarian researcher, the average person’s body is finely geared to search out cancer cells as they are formed.

“There are many invaders,” he says, “which can cause cancer: smoke, chemicals, drugs, even excessive sun or X-rays.”

But it is only when the body’s superior defenses have been exhausted and in most healthy people this is rare that a malignancy will ever have a chance to grow.

Dr. Rottino believes that finding the cancer early, holding it in check by nutritionally rebuilding body defenses may be the key to curing cancer.

When the body’s defenses are operating properly, he says, they produce “cytotoxins” as part of their normal function and destroy the foreign matter which is cancer.

This is basically why Dr. Rottino is convinced that almost always cancer can be prevented by maintaining a healthy body.

To do this he recommends a balanced diet, natural foods without preservatives, daily exercise “and the proper daily amount of necessary vitamins and minerals.”

He is strongly against excessive alcoholic intake and suggests you “avoid cakes, sweets, refined breads, soda and colas which have no nutritional value and which may contain harmful additives.”

Dr. Rottino says the, body’s defenses against cancer are “handled by cells such as lymphocytes and macrophages, humoral antibodies the Marines or front line troops.”

He explains: “They migrate to the enemy the foreign object which has invaded the body tissues then through complex methods attack by producing cytotoxins which destroy the enemy.”

This type of “warfare” is going on constantly within the body which has billions of cells that continuously reproduce. Some of the cells that reproduce are abnormal.

Dr. Rottino continues: “Because of outside influences, some cells develop properties that are foreign to the body.

“It is the lymphocytes within our defensive network that recognize the abnormal proliferating cells. And that’s the point where the battle begins.

“Simply put, if the lymphocytes in this situation are suppressed or if their numbers are reduced, the cancer has its beginning. Then it is extremely difficult to stop.”

But based on current nutritional findings and his years of research in the cancer field, Dr. Rottino adds:

“It’s about time that we in the field of medicine and research paid more attention to nutrition time we sat down with those people who know about nutrition and utilize what they have to offer.

“We simply must admit that we need help from qualified nutritionists who specialize in an area that most doctors have rarely had time to seriously pursue.

“It would be wonderful, for example, if some qualified individual in the field of nutrition would come to me and say ‘How can I help you?’

“But mainly, we’ve got to get together to give the body a chance to do its job.”

From Modern Maturity