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How To Slow Down the Degenerative Process By H. Ray Evers, M.D.

Do you realize that each day you live you are one day nearer death? This is not a pleasant thought perhaps, but it is definitely true for all of us.

Please understand that I have no panacea for all the causes of the degenerative process, neither do I claim to have a Ponce de Leon’s “fountain of youth.” However, I do proclaim that during the past 47 years of my active general practice of medicine, I have definitely developed a natural method for slowing down the degenerative process. My method is explained in the following seven steps.

  1. Diet – you must be forever conscious of the fact that you are what you eat, drink, breathe, think and come into contact with the environment. Therefore, you should be careful of what enters your body. The Bible tells us that our bodies are temples, and a temple is a holy place. Remember, junk foods (hot dogs, hamburgers, fried foods, alcohol, tobacco, non-distilled water, other non-advised foods) produce junky bodies!

    Your diet should consist of as much organically grown food as possible, foods free of chemical fertilizers, sprays, pesticides, herbicides, and pollutants in general. You should eat no refined carbohydrates at all (white sugar or white flour). The foods you eat should be as fresh as possible. At least half of your food should be eaten raw and include a wide variety. Avoid overeating; chew your foods well; and avoid using your liquids to wash down your food.

  2. Exercise – The next important step to slow the degenerative process is to have an adequate exercise program such as exercising on the trampoline, walking, swimming, yoga, isometrics, etc. There are many forms of exercise you can utilize for good health. Why exercise? Simply because when you exercise your body, you are metabolizing (burning up) carbohydrates which break down and go through the lactic acid cycle, it being a chelating agent. So when you exercise, you’re actually “self-chelating” (self-cleaning the arteries). It is therefore important that you exercise on a regular basis. There is an old saying that “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” Also, another saying my father taught me as a farm boy was, “it’s better to wear out than to rust out.” So exercise regularly, gradually building up to an adequate program.

    [Ed. note: I feel this next item #3 on chelation needs an explanation so that the reader can evaluate it in perspective. Dr. Evers specialized in chelation Therapy, the intravenous administration of a chelating agent such as EDTA to remove plaque from the arterial wall. He was a pioneer in chelation therapy at his hospital in Andalusia, Alabama. It was his support for this therapy which finally made doctors and patients aware of its benefits. It is understandable that he would suggest using it on a regular basis which may not be indicated for everyone.]

  3. Chelation – Take chelation on a regular basis to keep your blood vessels open so as to provide an adequate blood supply to all the organs and tissues of the body. Just as a car will not nm down the highway if the gas line between the carburetor and gas tank is filled with trash, neither can your body function normally with the arteries stopped up and the blood not flowing adequately. Thus, chelation cleans out the arteries of your body which carry the blood from the heart to all the organs and tissues of your body. Just as the Mississippi River must be dredged so that the channel will be kept open for the ocean-going vessels, it is that important to keep our arteries open. It is a perpetual process of keeping the vessels open so that we can slow down the degenerative process, and keep the blood flowing, carrying the nutrients in our bloodstream to rebuild and restore the body for its normal ability to function. If we clean the arteries, then keep them clean with diet and exercise, then we can expect our circulation to remain in a fairly normal, stable condition. Otherwise, it will regress and we will have arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and our symptoms will again recur and we will find ourselves back where we were previously.
  4. Body Balance – We must keep the correct balance in our bodies. In fact, the most important word in my medical vocabulary is balance. One way to determine balance in our body is to have a hair test to keep a check on the trace minerals in the body. These need to be balanced in the right ratio of minerals one to another, as well as the right ratio of the monovalent to the divalent atoms of the bloodstream. We ought to have the correct acid-base balance (pH). The bloodstream ought to be alkaline while the urine, saliva and digestive juices ought to be on the acid side; therefore, if we find it different, we may experience trouble. We should have acid-base balance, electrolyte balance (sodium and potassium), calcium phosphate balance, protein balance, calcium magnesium balance, as well as many other balances in the body, if we are to live and function normally. We might compare this balance in the body to the tires on your automobile. If the tires are out of balance, the tread wears out and they have to be replaced or recapped, which is not very satisfactory for those driving the car. It is easier for us to try keeping them in balance than to try repairing them when they get out of balance.

    The hair test also tells about any toxic metals in the body. One way they can be removed is by chelation. A good example of this is Alzheimer’s disease which, in most patients, shows an excessive amount of aluminum in their bodies as shown their hair tests.

  5. Distilled Water – You should drink distilled water to remove all chlorides, fluorides, and contaminants because they cause arteriosclerosis. In fact, the statistics of the Federal Government tell us that 60 percent of all deaths in America are caused by cardiovascular disease, and that three out of every five people whom you know will die from cardiovascular problems not a very pleasant thought, but true. Circulation is important and must be taken care of. Personally, if the blood supply to my brain at 73 years of age were the same as it was at age 30, I would have a 30-year-old functioning brain and body as a whole. So we must again keep that blood supply and nutrition adequate in order to replace the diseased tissue of the body. It must be a continuing process.
  6. Stress – You must reduce stress in your life. Very likely your first reaction is that it cannot be done, or how can it be done? It seems impossible in this stressful age in which we live. Stress is admittedly one of our greatest causes of cardiovascular diseases, as well as many other chronic degenerative diseases. Medically, we Know the mind controls the body (psychosomatic origin mind over body). Practically every disease has some degree of psychosomatic origin guilt, fear, anger, hatred, jealousy. All of us experience stress and we must learn how to deal with it or suffer the consequences. Many books have been written on the subject of stress, but I would like to suggest that having a proper relationship with Nature and with your fellowman will do more than all the books written to develop peace of mind, which helps to alleviate the stress one experiences. Meditation, yoga and biofeedback are useful means of reducing stress.
  7. Last, but not least, if you truly want to slow down the degenerative process, you should live according to Nature’s blueprint for life. This can be done by taking Nature as a partner wherever you go.

Reprinted from Natural Food & Farming