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Metabolic System of Cancer Control By Ruth Sackman

Many cancer patients opt for a metabolic system to control their cancer problem. A metabolic system is primarily a system of nutrition and detoxification. There is a tendency on the part of some to use nutrition very conscientiously but rebel at detoxification. They, unfortunately, do not quite understand the physiology of a metabolic system; and that limited understanding can include practitioners. I think the confusion is due to a mistaken assumption that a system which depends on nutrition is simplistic when, on the contrary, it is quite complex. Therefore, it requires experience to design an individualized program. It also requires in-depth knowledge to guide a patient through the metabolic process.

The metabolic program’s goal is to correct abnormal cell production. This requires a correction of a biochemical imbalance that, in the metabolic system of healing, is considered the basic problem. This repair is complicated, but must be undertaken to restore normal cell production. Unless that is accomplished, abnormal cell production will continue and result in a metastasis.

A metabolic program includes a wide range of areas that need special consideration. Nutrition and detoxification are both of paramount importance. Sometimes nutrition has to be emphasized; at other times detoxification has to receive primary attention. An experienced practitioner can make the determinations as to when one or the other is put in place.

A whole network of internal processes is included in a metabolic system: digestion, immune activity, waste elimination, circulation, nerve responses, glandular function (i.e., liver, pancreas, thyroid, adrenals, kidney, etc.). More obvious considerations are quality of the food (preferably organic), pure water (distilled), pure air, stress relief and exercise. A careful evaluation of organ function and correction has to be included to be sure the elements in the food are metabolized into their microcomponents to be available for normal cell production. Any impaired organ function must be remedied or boosted with carefully selected food supplements in order to regain and maintain health.

With improved cell production, weaker cells will automatically be displaced by healthier cells. This is a normal body process that goes on continuously. On a metabolic program, this process is sped up somewhat and dead cells that are collected by the bloodstream can overload it faster than routine elimination can handle. Detoxification is needed to assist the body in cleaning the bloodstream. An experienced practitioner knows how and when to accomplish this “house cleaning.”

When detoxification is indicated, it is not a choice but mandatory. Without it the patient will suffer from autointoxication, a condition that can easily be avoided. The symptoms of autointoxication can manifest in severe headaches, diarrhea, skin breakouts, fever, flu-like symptoms, profuse sweating and sometimes nosebleeds. The body in its wisdom will attempt to discard this excess waste through any aperture if the normal channels of elimination (colon and kidney) are overloaded. A system of detoxification done regularly will help the patient avoid the above complications. In making a metabolic repair, knowledge is your best companion.

If you choose to incorporate a metabolic system to control cancer, and I think it is essential for complete recovery, select a resource with a proven track record of success over a long period of time. In the conventional medical community, tumor reduction is used to measure the success of a protocol. That yardstick does not necessarily serve for long term recovery. The same yardstick exists in some alternative cancer therapies with the same limited results.

Metabolic programming is not a role for amateurs. Let your motto be “Caveat Emptor!”


Are you aware that pesticides used in growing and processing your food mimic estrogen? And that this in turn creates an estrogen/progesterone (hormonal) imbalance which plays havoc with the normal function of the body. It is already known that a hormonal imbalance is creating a low sperm count in males. No doubt it is upsetting hormonal balance in women as well and is responsible for the rise in osteoporosis. It is not necessarily the lack of calcium in the diet that is causing osteoporosis as calcium is the most prolific element in the food chain. It is found in fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. If it is not missing in the diet then the deficiency may be due to the body’s inability to metabolize calcium efficiently due to the hormonal imbalance.

A doctor recently recommended to the medical community that a thyroid test should be a routine part of the typical annual physical checkup. This suggestion recognizes that the thyroid probably is not functioning as efficiently as it should and may be causing unrecognized problems. The typical thyroid measurement may indicate that it is within the normal range, but at the low end of the test. At that point the function may just be a little too low to maintain adequate homeostasis. Alan Nittler, M.D., author of the book, New Breed of Doctor, always claimed that the thyroid parameters used in thyroid testing were incorrect and adjusted his recommendations accordingly.

The thyroid is key to calcium metabolism. The hormonal imbalance from pesticide use may be affecting hormonal balance, ergo, thyroid function which in turn affects calcium metabolism. It makes sense to measure thyroid function to determine if there is a root cause for osteoporosis before taking calcium tablets. As a matter of fact, if the thyroid secretion is inadequate, more calcium cannot be the solution to the problem. (Warning: if thyroid activity needs attention and the doctor feels it is necessary to prescribe thyroid hormone to achieve normal metabolism, ask him/her to use a natural thyroid such as Armour’s instead of Synthroid or Thyroxin.


Information about Cipro can be found in the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) in medical and other libraries. I was shocked to find that the information covered 10 pages. That is most unusual and Bayer, the manufacturer of Cipro, is wise in presenting as much information as possible.

Cipro has many serious, negative aspects so that the user should be extremely knowledgeable and careful about its use.

Here is a list of “post marketing adverse events:”

BODY AS A WHOLE: change in serum phenytoin.

CARDIOVASCULAR: postural hypotension, vasculitis.

CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM: agitation, confusion, delirium, dysphasia, myoclonus, nystagmus, toxic psychosis.

GASTROINTESTINAL: constipation, dyspepsia, flatulence, hepatic necrosis, jaundice, pancreatitis, pseudomembranous colitis. (The onset of pseudomembranous colitis symptoms may occur during or after antimicrobial treatment.)

HEMIC/LYMPHATIC: agranulocytosis, hemolytic anemia, methemoglobinemia, prolongation of prothrombin time.

METABOLIC/NUTRITIONAL: elevation of serum triglycerides, cholesterol, blood glucose, serum potassium.

MUSCULOSKELETAL: myalgia, possible exacerbation of myasthenia gravis, tendinitis/tendon rupture.

RENAL/UROGENITAL: albuminuria, candiduria, renal calculi, vaginal candidiasis.

SKIN/HYPERSENSITIVITY: anaphylactic reactions, erythemla multiforme/Stevens-Johnson syndrome, exfoliative dermatitis, toxic epidermal necrolysis.

SPECIAL SENSES: anosmia (sense of smell).

There are maypole who are afraid of anthrax. Inordinate fear is not necessarily justified. Visualize the postal facility with hundreds of workers but only one or two may be victims. Why? Because those unaffected may have adequate host resistance. That means their own immune systems are providing protection and can probably do it much more efficiently and safer than Cipro.

Good immune’ function or host resistance is the same mechanism that protects people exposed to any germ or virus. Some people are vulnerable; others are not. We need to look for the answers in those who do not automatically catch the flu bug or other prevalent ailments of the season. Perhaps taking steps to enhance immune activity might afford better and safer protection than Cipro. Perhaps a glandular such as thymus to strengthen immunological function would be the right choice.