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Our 53rd Year

The Two Natural Laws for Good Health From Return to Natural Law

  1. That every cell of the body is served by the blood which mustnourish, replace worn-out tissue, and carry away the waste products. The conclusion is: If anything goes wrong with any portion of the anatomy, it is primarily because the material in the blood was not of the quality necessary to nourish, replace worn-out parts and carry away the waste debris.
  2. The doctrine of Biogenesis is that Life is produced only by Life and the inevitable conclusion is that Life can be sustained only by Life; that we are a live Biological animal and not a dead inert mass of inorganic minerals and dead synthetic vitamins. Hence to produce and sustain live healthy tissue the perfect method is to useraw natural food grown by natural fertilization. Ideally, not less than 50% of the body’s intake should be raw live foods and every meal should contain a portion of those raw live foods.

– From Return to Natural Law-The Newsletter of V.E. Irons (Winter 1998).