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Understanding Toxemia and Detoxification By Rob Krakovitz, M.D.

Today’s nutritionist places much emphasis on the rebuilding of the body by restricting diets and through the use of many different types of supplements. This places an intense burden on the body, already in a toxic and electrochemically confused state, to make progress under these existing conditions.

This progress is often very slow, tedious and will be limited both relatively and absolutely due to the confused physiology.

Years of operating several important life variables the wrong ways cause toxins to build up in our body. They might be classified as incomplete or toxic metabolites which are the by

products of cellular metabolism. Devitalized foods, drugs and chemicals, lack of exercise, poor air to breathe and too much personally produced stress are some of the factors responsible.

The body loses its ability to communicate health messages to you and this lack of feedback allows the poor habits to continue. Eventually, the body is so deranged by these abuses it has difficulty digesting and metabolizing good sources of nutrition. Rebuilding the body is often a much more successful second stage endeavor if an initial detoxification program precedes it

What do toxins do? They often participate in initiating diseases. They do this by building up in the body and having to be thrown off or stored. The body will try to get them out of the circulation where they do the most harm.

If they get stored, this toxin focus can cause inflammation; first acute, then chronic, leading to possible degenerative changes.

Gouty arthritis is a good example of this process as toxic uric acid crystals are focused in joint lining membranes. Some theorizers believe that a chronic toxic focus will eventually be the spark that starts off a cancerous conversion by a cell or group of cells.

In a healthy body the throwing off process often begins before harmful sources of toxins can gain access to the body. Vomiting, diarrhea, and all the various gastroenteritis-colitis, irritable bowel type problems are examples of this throwing off at the first line of defense.’

Of course, allergies play a role in many irritable bowel type problems also and must always be considered (as they should be for all difficult to manage problems).

The liver and Kidneys assume the major burden of getting rid of toxins that gain access into the system, but are often overwhelmed by this daily task. The lungs and skin participate to a lesser degree. Elimination and detoxification will be slowed down when any of these natural organs are compromised or not up to par.

In a compromised situation, the body will attempt to use any other natural channel to eliminate, usually involving glands and mucous membranes. Examples include the upper respiratory tract (exudating from nose, sinus, tonsils, larynx, bronchi), skin (boils, acne, eczema, psoriasis) breast, and uterus (chronic discharges and infection).

So we see that in women there are additional physiological channels of toxic elimination. The monthly menstrual period provides a natural channel of elimination. The more toxic the women, often the more problematic the menstrual period.

So many women are toxic that abnormal symptoms of menses (excessive pain and bleeding) have come to be accepted as the norm. A menstrual period should be a few light days of bleeding, tissue shedding, maybe some minor cramps and that’s all.

Aside from the other mentioned life stress factors (equal for men and women), the menstrual period providing a monthly opportunity for toxin cleansing most of a woman’s life, may be one of the major reasons women live five to seven years longer than men.2

When this channel is overwhelmed and/or the toxins build up there because of natural menopause, we see the rapid development of tumors. Statistics bear this out, as the incidence of cancer of the female organs rises rapidly after the menopause.

What about pregnancy?

First of all, nature and the body in its infinite wisdom will prevent a very toxic woman from becoming pregnant and bearing a child in her toxic body for nine months. This is called “infertility” (it should be recognized that there are other causes also), and often modem medicine is able to trick the woman’s body into becoming pregnant. This allows the very toxic woman to pass off her toxins to the baby (a fight between obviously stronger and weaker partners).

The baby will react to this and exhibit these reactions in a number of ways. It will move around a lot due to toxic stimulation, often getting the umbilical cord twisted around itself or resulting in a breech delivery.

On occasion, the baby puts up a good fight and causes the mother extreme and serious metabolic imbalances, resulting in life threatening “toxemia” (one of the few uses of the term in standard orthodox medicine).

If the baby makes it through the nine months, it will often be born with a large amount of meconium in its intestines, the result of the baby’s liver trying to cleanse the toxins out of its body as very thick toxic bile.

Also the baby is often covered with vernix caseosa all over it, the waxy results of the baby’s kidneys urinating out concentrated toxins which interact chemically with the amniotic fluid when exposed to air.

These are accepted as normal encores of delivery, but men like Henry Bieler, M.D., proved otherwise many times in his previously detoxified mothers that gave birth with little or no meconium in and vernix on the baby.’

So now the baby’s out, miraculously making it this far, hopefully without the toxins causing him or her some terrible congenital defect or predisposition to some disease. And what happens? The mother breast-feeds him allowing another natural channel to be used in eliminating toxins from her body.

There is nothing better for a baby than mother’s milk, but only from a healthy mother. Ever wonder why so many babies won’t take or are allergic to their own mother’s milk? Nature will often prevent the extremely toxic mother from lactating, and although depriving the baby of mother’s milk, this wisdom also saves it from becoming a toxic catch all.

Interesting fact: Orthodox statistics show that women who breast-feed babies have a much lower incidence of breast cancer; a fact not easily explained. Understanding toxemia, it becomes clear that instead of allowing toxins to build up and focus, they are eliminated from the area.

It is always interesting to me, but sad, to see a child born with a defect or problem and go back and study the mother’s pre-pregnancy and pregnant diets and other life stress factors. I can usually tie the cause and effect factors together.

How do germs fit into all this? Often we are led to believe they are responsible for creating many modern diseases. But we know that germs are everywhere; so why aren’t we all sick, all of the time? How come some people always get colds and flus and others hardly ever do?

The reason is: a germ (bacteria or virus) can only take advantage of a disadvantaged situation. They are scavengers. An elimination process provides them with what they need: warmth, moisture and nutrients.

If there is no set-up, no media for growth, the bacteria or virus won’t have the ability to infect you. (Other factors like personal stress and tissue vitamin C levels are also very important to consider here).

Many viri are very potent and very infectious and will take hold if only the slightest door is left open for them. The importance of prevention is to keep this door closed.

Most infections are the symptoms of toxic mucous eliminations, not the cause of them. Antibiotics only Id11 off the scavenger bacteria (not viri), but don’t do anything at all to eliminate the causes. These drugs are foreign and toxic to the body by their very nature; and many people are reminded of this by acute allergic and “toxic” reactions.

Do you think their bodies were trying to tell them something? Dr. Bieler used to say that people got better in spite of drugs not because of them.4 You pay a price for taking drugs. They make your liver and kidneys work extra hard to get rid of them; and remember that these same organs are already overwhelmed or you wouldn’t be in this elimination mess to begin with. If you let a crisis run its course with support and intelligence, you will get over it shortly.

Is there ever a need for drugs or surgery?

Absolutely YES! In an acute emergency or traumatic accident, they may very well mean the difference between life and death.

Antibiotics can save your life if you are overcome by a potent bacterial invader.

Surgery is very useful in correcting anatomic problems, like hernias, and in many other situations where the body needs external help in assisting its ability to heal you.

Most chronic medical ailments, however, can be corrected in due time by elimination procedures and a healthy natural diet with supplemental support.

How do you help the body get rid of toxins? Combinations of fasting and mono or duo diets during a transitional period leading to a simple basic natural diet will greatly aid the elimination of toxins.

This should be done under the guidance of a knowledgeable physician in order to assess the person’s current state of health and to plan a reasonable and safe individualized program. Amateur endeavors in this area often result in serious complications and should be avoided.

When you fast, you allow the liver a break from some of its tedious work; that of metabolizing new nutrients, and allow it to focus its attention on cleansing you.

The various symptoms like weakness, fatigue, headache, dizziness, nausea and skin eruptions are all common occurrences during this period when toxins get shaken loose and get into the bloodstream before the liver can get them excreted.

The liver will excrete them out in the bile which will be released into the small intestine. The highly toxic bile will often cause gas and spasm the colon, resulting in constipation. It is very helpful then to help bowel mobility and cleansing with the aid of bulk cleansing agents and enemas during a fast.

Some will argue against enemas, but it is my belief that they are extremely useful in ridding the large colon of toxins and accompanying mucous, not allowing them to lay there and be reabsorbed, producing very uncomfortable symptoms.

The use of vitamin, mineral, herbal and enzyme supplements will aid the elimination and also make up for natural and created deficiencies.

Natural deficiencies are obviously due to eating devitalized foods lacking in these essential components (and the other life stress factors). Deficiencies can also come from toxins that cause the liver to use up vital enzymes, vitamins and minerals in the process of eliminating these toxins from the body, creating a deficiency even though their intake was adequate.

During the transition period when we seek to normalize and rectify confused metabolisms, therapeutic doses of these supplements prove useful in helping progress. As an individual makes progress, the need for supplemental support will decrease accordingly, based completely on his or her individual needs.

Eventually, he or she will do very well and feel very good eating a simple natural diet with minimal individualized support from supplements. Remember that you can aid the body in elimination but the body actually accomplishes the task. You get yourself better and the doctor acts as your guide.

What are the symptoms of detoxification during a cleansing? Fatigue and weakness are the classic subjective signs that the body is devoting a lot of energy to heal you and eliminate toxins. You are not left with a lot of extra energy and I always recommended extra rest and no vigorous exercising during a fast.

If you have taken drugs in your life, they all leave toxic residues in the body which come out when cleansing. One will often feel as if he or she has taken a small dose of the drug again as these residues come back into the bloodstream and affect the brain and central nervous system along with the other toxins before they are eliminated.

Pains are the results of toxins poisoning the individual tissues in which they are released. If you get pain or any of these other symptoms, at least you know your body is working on cleansing you, even though it may be uncomfortable.


Cramping is an indication of very emphatic muscular contractions by specific organs or muscles in an effort to force elimination of toxins and poisons from the area.

Gallbladder cramps are the best example of this, also the most common, as the liver is the main excretor of poisons which are stored in the gallbladder as very toxic bile, causing inflammation of the lining and initiating stone formation.

Fever is an indication that the body is trying to burn up poisons. They should be allowed to run a natural course with appropriate supportive and symptomatic relief like apple cider vinegar body rubs and cool compresses. Only in very high fevers and extreme emergencies should drugs be used to control fever.

Colds or flu-like symptoms are efforts by the body to flush toxins from the system specifically through the upper respiratory tract. This should not be suppressed with antihistamines. Most doctors recognize that the mucous response will be greater as the effect of the antihistamine wears off; indicating the body is trying to use this channel for elimination purposes.

Inflammation is an effort by the body to use its white cells to attack toxic wastes recognized as being foreign to the good health of the body. This response will be increased if bacteria or viri are present taking advantage of the situation.

Diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting (as mentioned before) are forceful efforts by the body to prevent toxic substances from getting absorbed into the body.

Mental fatigue, emotional upset, irritability, and depression are examples of symptoms caused by the many toxic waste products entering the bloodstream during cleansing and affecting the highly sensitive brain and central nervous system.

What is a crisis? It is any of the preceding systems alone or in combination to an extreme!

A crisis results from an inability of the natural cleansing organs to eliminate toxins, producing a buildup in the body and forcing vicarious elimination through other channels with appropriate symptoms.

In a crisis you should support the body’s effort to cleanse you by fasting on diluted fruit juice, distilled water, or vegetable broth; by morning and evening enemas, plus appropriate supportive measures and rest.

How can you help yourself detoxify in addition to diet and supplements?

Warm baths daily, steam room, saunas, whirlpool baths (the preceding three only for five to 10 minutes each), meditating, mild exercises and massage are all very helpful during intense cleansing periods.

Other therapies also help, depending on individual needs. Good moral support is very helpful. To go through a detoxification with a close relative or friend lends an attitude of mutual support and makes it easier for both. Getting the support from one’s family is very important in keeping a positive attitude.


I cannot stress enough how important I feel a positive attitude is when one gets involved in this type of program. Fear can and should be eliminated by education and understanding. The progress is always slow but sure, and is subtle.

One needs confidence, faith, willpower and a very positive attitude to have success.


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