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Healing Power of Vegetables from Herald of Health

Because vegetables are so rich in nutrients, they possess healing powers of which most people are unaware. Here are some of the most popular vegetables and their therapeutic possibilities.

ALFALFA: rich in minerals and alkali forming substances to help maintain a healthful acid/alkaline ratio in your system. Essential amino acids also aid in rebuilding body cells.

ARTICHOKE: prime mineral source with 15% natural insulin that is hydrolyzed to levulose by acids to create a natural energy source that is beneficial to weak stomachs. BEET: high mineral content aids bloodstream nourishment and activated lymphatic flow throughout the circulatory system.

BROCCOLI: high in vitamins and minerals to maintain water balance of your body.

CABBAGE: successfully used (through freshly squeezed raW juice) as a means of treating stomach ulcers.

CELERY: excellent vitamin source and did in nervous disorders by helping to rid the body of carbon dioxide, a toxic waste basket

ASPARAGUS: abundant in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A which is needed for visual sharpness.

MUSHROOMS: good B-complex source as well as B-12, needed for blood enrichment.

MUSTARD GREENS: tangy taste high in capillary-building vitamin C.

OKRA: valuable because it has such a low carbohydrate content which is beneficial for those on reducing diets. Also rich in iron, and calcium and aids in conditions of colitis, intestinal disorders.

ONION: while not very popular because of the pungent odors, it is rich in minerals and vitamins and stimulates the gastric tract.

PEAS: all varieties of peas have much protein and minerals.

PEPPER: juice is rich in silicon to nourish your hair, skin and nails; good for those who are troubled by skin blemishes. RADISHES: high in magnesium to soothe your nerves and stimulate a natural digestive flow. High sulphur content cleanses your bloodstream and aids in it’s purification.

TOMATO: the best source available of B2 and C and vegetable amino acids to neutralize acid stomach.

ENDIVE: nature’s own laxative, helps in conditions of indigestion and liver ailment with its rich vitamin A and C content.

KALE: a top-notch source of vitamin A and C needed for better vision, skin and hair health.

LETTUCE: rich in nerve strengthening minerals and aids in the conditions of excess stomach acidity and constipation and a good natural source of chlorophyll.